St Issac's Catherdral, St Petersburg, Russia

Memories of St Petersburg, Russia

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I’m so glad we made the effort…

St Petersburg is a city I have wanted to visit for years, and it didn’t disappoint.

The build-up prior to the departure was a little uneasy, as it was still uncertain whether Russia was going to extend their presence in Ukraine and the impact this would have on international travel.

It didn’t help, when I was asked by people where I was venturing off to, and their response was ‘rather you than me’.


Definitely has to be the stunning, colourful architecture, without any doubt.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St Peterburg, Russia

Also the imposing dome of St Isaac’s cathedral, that dominates the skyline.

St Isaac's Catherdral, St Petersburg, Russia

The Palace Square really is breath-taking.

A view across Palace Square to the Hermitage Museum, with the Alexander Column on the right, St Petersburg, Russia

Boat tour of the canals and the Neva river.

The Peter and Pauls Fortress, St Petersburg, Russia


Russian patisserie, I didn’t realise that St Petersburg would have so many cakes.

A half eaten chocolate cake from a cafe in St Petersburg, Russia

  • Other delicacies that we came across were Pelmeni a savoury dumpling & Varenyky another dumpling but can be sweet or savoury. Also Shashlik a skewered meat, very tasty.

Strolling along and across the many canals and bridges.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood Moyka River - St Petersburg - Russia

  • Vodka: not normally spirit drinkers, but we enjoyed a tipple at the Vodka museum.

On returning to our hotel room and finding balloons hanging over our bed.

Although it was my birthday, I was still surprised, as I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone.

Thank you ‘W’ Hotels

The W-Hotel decorated our room for Janis's birthday.


It has to be the Matryoshka Dolls (Russian Dolls to you and me).

I couldn’t resist buying a set, similar to the original dolls painted in traditional dress, that date back to 1890.

They weren’t cheap, however they certainly evoke memories of the trip for me.

The family group of Matryoshka Dolls, all eight of them.

What I would do differently

  • More research
  • Be a bit more adventurous
  • Stay longer than 3 nights

A funny moment

This has to be on the flight going out when the mother a young Russian family sitting behind us asked the stewardess why the flight was so empty. The stewardess diplomatically replied, that there weren’t any cruise ships leaving in the next couple of days, so the passengers were fewer.  However the son of the Russian lady quipped, ‘well we are flying into a war zone, what do you expect’. Gary and I did have to laugh…..

We didn’t need the hard hats after all, but we certainly needed the sun cream.

Inspired to vist St Petersburg?

Do the beautiful cakes tempt you? would you like to see the amazing churches?

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Our memories of St Peterburg, Russia

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Have You?

Visited St Petersburg? Did you bring back a momento of your trip?  What was your highlight?

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