A view of Lake Como taken from the lakes itself.

Our Memories

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The 'Memories Board' in our kitchen, a constant reminder of our travels when we are at home.

Memories are the long term benefit of travel. Hopefully after the passing of time dulls the pain of the following credit card bill, or the unfortunate … episode – feel free to fill in your own blank here.

In our kitchen at home is a notice board adorned with beer mats, menus, postcards or business cards of some of the places we have visited. A constant reminder of the joy travel can bring us.

Memories also allow us to re-invoke the greater experience; for example, a cheeky glass of Sherry immediately transports us back to that Sunday morning in Jerez in 2014, as we walked into the González Byass bodega. The aroma was amazing, closing your eyes as the scent hits your nose and as you take that first, magical, sip.

Please, feel free to explore our memories;

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Our Memories was last modified: March 3rd, 2017 by Janis