The historic white riverside frontage of the alte burg in koblenz,with two of its white towers dominating the view
the 1927 bentley jackson special single-seater historic racing car at the on a grey overcast day at the goodwood revival meeting

Welcome to Our World for You

We're Janis & Gary, a couple that has been travelling together for over three decades and has relished every minute of it. Ok, so there have been a few ups and downs along the way.

We’ve explored corners of this magnificent world that have sent our hearts racing. We’ve observed wildlife that we could only have craved to see in our wildest of dreams and met incredible people who have left us touched by their kindness.

Our love of history and culture drives us to discover locations near and far, some a short hop from our doorstep and others along a remote bumpy track.

We genuinely believe that travel broadens the heart, mind, and soul.

When we're not travelling, you'll find us in our garden; therefore, it only made sense to tell that story. If you're interested, why not check out our sister website, 'Our Garden for You'. As bumbling gardeners, we share our tales of trials and tribulations while taming and nurturing our English country garden in Kent.

So, jump aboard our journey and see where your next adventures will lead you.

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