The Hermitage Lecture Centre, St Petersburg, Russia

14 reasons to lure you to St Petersburg, Russia

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Our midsummer mini break of 2014 was to the beautiful & intriguing city of St Petersburg.

This was a city that I had been drawn to for years; I think it was the Russian dolls I was given as a child that first sowed the seed of curiosity.

However, for some reason or another, it would always shuffle its way down our list of places to visit.

But, we made it, and I’m so pleased we did, the architecture is incredible. Don’t just take our word for it, go and visit for yourself.


Palace Square

I don’t actually think you could visit St Petersburg and not stroll around Palace Square.

A view across Palace Square to the Hermitage Museum, with the Alexander Column on the right, St Petersburg, Russia

You’ll be surrounded by the white and blue Winter Palace (home to the Hermitage Museum).

The gold and white General Staff Building and its magnificent Triumphal Arch and the centrepiece being Alexander Column.

The Triumphal arch in Palace Square, St Petersburg, Russia
The Hermitage Lecture Centre, St Petersburg, Russia


Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

This church was one of my favourite sights in St Petersburg, with its incredibly intricate façade and the wonderful onion domes upon it. It sits on the edge of Griboyedov Canal, one of many in St Petersburg.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood ,St Petersburg,Russia


The Neva River

Take a stroll along the embankments of the Neva River; there are so many historical and notable buildings that line this waterway. Museums, palaces, churches, monuments & gardens.

The Kunstkammer, St Petersburg, Russia


Peter and Paul Fortress

Crossing the Neva River head to Peter & Paul fortress built on Zayachy Island in the shape of a star.

The Peter and Pauls Fortress, St Petersburg, Russia

This was still used as a prison in the early 1920’s and now forms part of the state museum.

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I fibbed

Although I said there are 14 things, I have weaved more in each section.


Peter and Paul Cathedral

Here you can also visit Peter and Paul Cathedral, which is the burial place to many Russian Tsars.

Before heading into the fortress, take a stroll along St Petersburg’s beach.

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, St Petersburg, Russia


St Isaac’s Cathedral & Square

Very prominent in St Petersburg’s skyline is the Russian Orthodox St Isaac’s Cathedral. Built by order of Tsar Alexander I, the incredible pure gold plated dome stands over 100 meters high.

St Isaac's Cathedral, St Petersburg, Russia

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Helpful hint

If you are anything like us you will be walking a lot, make sure you take comfy shoes.


Canals, canals & canals

St Petersburg is sometimes referred to ‘Venice of the North’ (along with other cities), and it’s easy to see why. Take a stroll along its many canals, and you’ll discover some quieter spots of the city.

The Winter canal, St Petersburg, Russia

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Field of Mars

St Petersburg has quite a few parks where you rest those weary feet.

However, the Field of Mars park is particularly special, as it has Russia’s first Eternal Flame flickering inside.

The Eternal Flame in the Field of Mars, St Petersburg, Russia


So many bridges

As St Petersburg has its fair share of canals and rivers, it also means there are plenty of bridges.

Trinity Bridge over the Neva River, St Petersburg, Russia

The ten arched Trinity Bridge which spans the Neva and the Anichkov Bridge across the Fontanka River with its four Horse Tamers are very impressive.

Horse Statue 1, Anichov Bridge, Fontanka River, St Petersburg, Russia
Horse Statue 2, Anichov Bridge, Fontanka River, St Petersburg, Russia
Horse Statue 3, Anichov Bridge, Fontanka River, St Petersburg, Russia
Horse Statue 4, Anichov Bridge, Fontanka River, St Petersburg, Russia

However, it’s the smaller ones I like along the Griboyedov Canal, along this canal there are 21 to choose from, but take a look at ‘Bank Bridge’ & the ‘Bridge of four Lions’

Lions Bridge, St Petersburg, Russia
The Bank Bridge, Moyka River, St Petersburg Russia


Boat tour

Not quite finished with the waterways yet, I would urge you to take a boat tour. This is a fantastic way to see the magnificent palaces that line the embankments, it puts a different perspective on the city and also give your feet a rest for a while.

The Old Stock Exchange & both Rostral Pillars, St Petersburg, Russia

Point to Note

Ensure you check the language of your boat tour, depending on your language of choice will dictate the time of the tour.


Nevsky Prospect

Nevsky Prospect is the main avenue that runs through St Petersburg and has plenty of impressive buildings to distract you along the way.

Kazan Cathedral, (Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan), St Petersburg, Russia

Not only will you be able to pick up your souvenirs along here, but, you also see the Neoclassical Kazan Cathedral and the eye-catching Art Nouveau Singer House (also known as House of Books).

The House of Books (Singer House), St Petersburg, Russia



I thought there were a lot of bridges in St Petersburg; however, the number of churches and cathedrals is incredible. One that we thought was worth finding was St Nicholas Naval Cathedral.

The St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral, St Petersburg, Russia


Mariinsky Theatre

The Mariinsky Theatre is home to the world-famous Mariinsky Ballet company which was founded around 1740. Performances can still be watched today.

The Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg, Russia


The Rostral Columns

Last but certainly by no means least are the Rostral Columns built in 1811 and sit proudly in front of the Stock Exchange. They were initially designed as lighthouses, and the figures at the bottom represent Russia’s four biggest rivers (Volga, Dnieper, Neva and Volkhov).

One Rostral, St Petersburg, Russia

There really is so much to see and do in St Petersburg; you won’t get bored.

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Why not?

Start creating your own Russian adventure and visit the colourful palaces and winding canals of St Petersburg.

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