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After 25 years working in corporate land, we decided to focus on enjoying that big old world out there, and sharing those adventures with you.

Janis is the planner, organiser & worrier. Gary is the photographer, driver & geek.

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The story of how two Londoners decided we had something about our exploits we wanted to share.

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  • Canterbury

    A visit to this historic Kentish City

  • London

    Another chance for a few days in London during the winter. Where shall we discover?

  • Iceland

    A return 11 years later in search of the Northern Lights & more

  • Ypres, Belguim

    Spend some time in a special Belgium town. We want to attend the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate and visit the Tyne Cot cemetery.

  • A Portuguese Road Trip

    We’re exploring the idea of discovering a lot more of this wonderful country in a trip from the UK. Madness? Probably!

  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    We’re off to explore this vibrant Dutch city


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