Janis & Gary welcome you to our little bit of the Internet.

This is a place where we share our passion for travel, life and a bit of history too.

After 25 years working in corporate land, we decided to focus on enjoying that big old world out there, and sharing those adventures with you.

Janis is the planner, organiser & worrier. Gary is the photographer, driver & geek.

Our Story Janis & Gary on Valencia Beach

The story of how two Londoners decided we had something about our exploits we wanted to share. (Would you like to know a little more?)

Please join us on the journey.

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Our Travel Plans


Trento, Italy

A conference takes us to this beautiful part of Italy, which we last passed through on our Lakes & Lederhosen tour of 2015.

The South East of the UK

Discovering more of our corner of the country. From the beaches to the countryside, more castles and history.


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