The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St Petersburg, Russia

Cathedrals & Churches of St Petersburg, Russia

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St Petersburg has some stunning architecture, but the cathedrals and churches really cannot be beaten for their magnificence.

As you stroll around the city, time and time again you are astounded by the splendour of these buildings.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St Petersburg, Russia

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral was originally St Petersburg main church and used to be the largest cathedral in Russia.

St Issac's Catherdral, St Petersburg, Russia

It opened in 1858, ordered by Tsar Alexander I, and was built by the French born architect Auguste Montferrand.

The church was designed to accommodate 14,000 standing worshippers.

Kazan Cathedral, also known as ‘Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan’, was constructed between 1801 and 1811 by Andrey Voronikhin.

The view of the Kazan Cathedral from Nevsky Prospect, St Petersburg, Russia

The Kazan Cathedral was inspired by St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral is the oldest church in St Petersburg and also the second tallest building in the city.

It was opened in 1733 and is located within the Peter and Paul Fortress.

It was built under Peter the Great and the cathedral houses almost all the graves of the Russian emperors and empresses.

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral , St Petersburg, Russia

St Nicholas Naval Cathedral was built between 1753-1760 and has always been closely associated with the Russian Navy, it is known locally as the Sailors’ Cathedral.

The St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral, St Petersburg, Russia
The Bell Tower of St Nicholas Naval Cathedral, St Petersburg, Russia

The church officially became a naval cathedral in July 1762 by order of Catherine II.

The golden Baroque spires and domes are one of the best and last remaining examples of Baroque architecture.

Its elegant bell tower overlooks Kryukov Canal.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was concecrated as a Catholic cathedral in April 1873.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St Peterburg, Russia

St Catherine's Armenian church in St Petersburg, Russia

St Catherine’s Armenian Church is located just off Nevsky Prospekt.
It was designed by Yuri Velten and opened in 1780.

The Cathedral of St Andrew, St Petersburg, Russia

This beautiful late baroque pink and white cathedral is similar in design to St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral and was consecrated in 1781.

Here’s a map with the location of all the churches & cathedrals mentioned in this post.

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