The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St Peterburg, Russia

A city of mystery to me: St Petersburg, Russia

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Here’s why I wanted to visit…

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St Petersburg is a city I have wanted to visit for years, and every year I have thought ‘right for my birthday this year it is going to by St Petersburg’. My birthday is in August, so at about January time I start looking at the flights and they are so expensive, so then I put it off for another year.
Eventually I thought no, enough is enough, I really want to see this city, I’m going to book it. So very early January 2014 I booked the flights.
Who would have predicted that only 10 days later, Russia decided to pick on Ukraine and spark civil unrest throughout parts of the country……why did it have to be 2014?

Anyway it’s too late we’re going, we’ll just have to pack our hard hats.

This city has always evoked mystery and clandestine rendezvous to me, so it was that feeling and the amazing architecture, like I had never seen before, that attracted me to St Petersburg.

Russia is so rich in history, from the Tsars, the communist era, and the role it plays in the world today.

These are just a few reasons why St Petersburg was my birthday destination for 2014;

– Architecture:
The Hermitage museum – Winter Palace
Palace Square
Church of The Savior on Spilled Blood
St Isaac’s Cathedral
Peter & Paul Cathedral
Peter & Paul Fortress
Kazan Cathedral
Mariinsky Theatre
House of Books (Singer House)
St Nicholas Naval Cathedral
The Admiralty

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood Moyka River - St Petersburg - Russia

– Canals and waterways; ‘Venice of the North’, I couldn’t wait to explore.

Griboedov Canal - St Peterburg - Russia

– Food & drink: Food, Beef Stroganoff surely must be on the menu, along with Blini & Borscht. Drink, it has to be Vodka, I’m not too sure what other beverages Russia is famous for (there is only one way to find out).

– Russian Dolls; A childhood memory.

The Matryoshka Dolls lined up from tallest to smallest, left to right.

– Weather: mmmmm… well this mini break was early August and the research I had done for this time of year, was that it should be early 20’s. How wrong was I, it was early 30’s (lovely if you laying on a beach, not so good for a mini break)?

Point to note

The Visa; as you may be aware for most visitors a visa is required.  I found that this wasn’t a simple process.  I did arrange it all myself, but you can pay for assistance.

Prepare in advance, you will need to have your accommodation in place, as the hotel will supply confirmation of your stay, for you to use once applying for your visa (you have to specify the exact days you will be in the country).

The visa isn’t cheap if you are only going for a mini break, but believe me once you are there it is worth it.


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Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood Moyka River - St Petersburg, Russia

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