The Triumphal arch in Palace Square, St Petersburg, Russia

The architectural wonders of St Petersburg

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St Petersburg architecture...

... can literally take your breath away.

The amazing spectacle of colour on the buildings makes St Petersburg unique.

The wonderfully ornate Church of the Saviour on spilled blood alongside the canal banks in Saint Petersburg Russia. It topped by brightly coloured onion domes of various styles.

The visible history as you wander around the streets and along the rivers and canals is remarkable.  Despite this city only being just over 300 years old, it boasts remarkable heritage that include 3 names, and was twice the capital of Russia.

It certainly looks better than it did in James Bond's Goldeneye.  I suspect it got a reasonable lick of paint in time for its 300 year anniversary in 2003.

If this city is on your ‘bucket list’, book it...

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And now the gallery

The technical bits

The images where captured on a Canon EOS 1Ds MkIII in camera RAW format, and initially processed in Adobe Lightroom, before being processed in Adobe Photoshop.

The only disappointment from a photographer's perceptive is the use of overhead power-lines which presents a challenge.  Time to brush up on those Photoshop skills. 🙂

Have You?

Visted St Petersburg? Amazed by the architecture? All this from a city just over 300 years old. What was your highlight?

Inspired to visit St Petersburg?

It is a fabulous, vibrant city, known as the gateway to Russia. We'd definately recommend it.

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