Strutting the Ballroom at Blackpool

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Luckily, I didn’t have any dancing shoes

Our main reason for visiting Blackpool was to experience the delights of the annual illuminations.
The 'Frigate Tram' waiting outside the Pleasure Beach during Blackpool's Illuminations.

The Frigate at the Pleasure Beach

This twinkling historical event takes place every year for 66 nights, from early September to early November.

However, a trip to Blackpool strictly isn’t complete without visiting the iconic Tower, and I don’t mean just standing outside.

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'Welcome to the Tower Ballroom' etched onto the opaque glass window in the door that leads to the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

Welcome to the Tower Ballroom

Looking up at the Blackpool Tower with its red brick base, and red wrought iron framework.

The Blackpool Tower

The crème de la crème of Blackpool is most definitely the breathtaking Tower Ballroom, dating from 1894.


When we first walked into the ballroom, I was just taken aback by the sheer size of the hall, and its incredible grandeur and elegance.

A view of the magnificently ornate Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.

Inside the Tower Ballroom

It was like stepping into an old movie set, the echoing tones of the old Wurlitzer organ reverberating around the hall and watching couples young and old swaying and rotating in time with each other.

Ticket Tip

Blackpool Tower tickets can be purchased at the Tourist Information office opposite the tower, at a discounted price. The Tower Ballroom ticket was £2.95 cheaper per person, and you were even able to jump the queues.

How wrong was I?

I initially imagined we would wander in have a look around for a while, take a few photos and then continue to enjoy the delights of Blackpool.
The elegant baroque styled ceiling, with its stylish light fittings,  above the stage in the Tower Ballroom Blackpool

The beauty's in the detail

However, this was really quite special. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not going to suddenly throw on my Cuban heels and take up ballroom and Latin dancing. However, you could feel there was a true passion for this historical pastime and an art that was going to be lovingly preserved for decades.


So, Gary and I seated ourselves at one of the many strategically placed tables, which are all angled towards the wooden sprung dancefloor, and we sat and watched in awe.
The view of the Blackpool's Tower Ballroom from the seated area at the edge of the dancefloor where you can admire the fantastic interior.

Sit back an enjoy

All above and around you, are chandeliers hanging from the intricate décor, amongst the elaborate waves of the balconies.

A close up of the chandeliers inside Tower Ballroom

The chandeliers

A close up of the light fittings and ceiling in the Tower Ballroom Blackpool

All sparkles

I spared the paying public

However, you just can’t help but stare at the couples gliding around the dancefloor in unison. Anyone can join in, as long as you don’t mind an audience.
Couples dancing on the dancefloor of the  Blackpool Tower's Ballroom.

The dancefloor of the Tower Ballroom

Year after year couples from around the UK and even further afield, come to Blackpool to enjoy this piece of history that continues, while other dance trends get lost in time.

Why Not?

Head to Blackpool during the illuminations, which are held annually from early September to early November. You can then glide your way along the twinkling promenade, when you've thrown off your dancing shoes.

Living art

Equally enjoyable is the music from the old Wurlitzer organs, being played by a resident organist.
The Wurlitzer, and organist, on the stage of Blackpool Tower's Ballroom.

The Wurlitzer inside the Tower Ballroom

Keep an eye out, because if you are there when the organists hand over to each other, the Wurlitzer complete with the organist, disappears under the stage.

Making a memory

What we also thought was great, was that you could wander around the ballroom and sit wherever you wish.

Either at ground level or stroll up and view the duos from the balconies above.

The view of the dancefloor from the first tier, with the seating area at one end, and the stage at the other of Tower Ballroom Blackpool

Looking down at the floor

However, if you want to make this occasion even more special, you can book a table for afternoon tea and enjoy the delicacies or even with a glass of Champagne.

A cut crystal water dispenser in the shape of a pineapple on the bar of the Tower Ballroom Blackpool

The water urns

Looking along the first tier of the Tower Ballroom Blackpool

From the circle

Before you go!

Check the opening times at the Ballroom website as this little piece of history isn’t open every day, and you wouldn’t want to be disappointed!

Strictly Legend

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom has become more and more popular over recent years with the annual event of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, (or for our overseas friends “Dancing with the Stars”).
Looking up towards the boxes of the Tower Ballroom Blackpool

Looking up to the Gods

But sadly, Sir Bruce Forsyth who was the legend of the show, passed away in 2017, but if you glance out the window of the Blackpool Tower look below, you will see one of Blackpool’s more recent installations the “Comedy Carpet”. And a little memory of one of Bruce’s catchphrase “Nice to see you, to see you nice.”
The Comedy Carpet outside the Tower Ballroom Blackpool with Sir Bruce Forsyth's famous catchphrase - 'Nice to see you, to see you nice!'

Nice to See You

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Have You?

Visited Blackpool and were brave enough to take to the ballroom floor, or like us did you watch from a distance?

Inspired to visit The Tower Ballroom Blackpool?

Are you going to slip on your dancing shoes, or will you just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere?

The north end of the Golden Mile tends to be more elegant. The southern end caters for the more budget conscious.

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