The Enchanting Courtyards of Viana, Córdoba, Spain

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5 centuries of love and care within this noble Palace

You may be familiar with Córdoba for its magnificent Mezquita, or its impressive 16 arcade bridge spanning the Guadalquivir river, however this wonderful town is also home to some extremely captivating courtyards & gardens, hidden behind whitewashed walls.

The little cobbled lanes of Cordoba, Córdoba, Spain

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Palacio de Viana

The splendid Palacio de Viana is a Córdoban delight. The 18 noble families that have resided at the Palace over the past 5 centuries, continued to develop and evolve its charming courtyards into the tranquil havens you can discover today.

Since the 15th century its residence have extended and renovated the palace and its grounds, which now covers 6,500 square metres, of which over half is dedicated to the open-air.

There are 12 lovingly cared for courtyards & a garden for you to wander around and admire in your own time.

Hidden gardens in the Palacio de Viana, Cordoba, Córdoba, Spain

Entrance Fee

The prices are €8 for a full visit, or you can visit just the patios for €5 - (2019 prices)  

Time evolving courtyards

The 16th century Reception Courtyard & Renaissance entrance were constructed by the Villaseca family to demonstrate their social status of the era.

Scattered within the patios are ornamental ponds, fountains and wells one after the other. They truly are a pleasure to stroll around.

Some are bathed in sunlight and others have hidden shady corners. Some are tenderly manicured and others have a wispy lively feel.

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Reception Courtyard

The 16th century Reception Courtyard & Renaissance entrance were constructed by the Villaseca family to demonstrate their social status of the era.

The Reception Courtyard, Palacio de Viana, Córdoba, Spain

Courtyard of the Cats

Courtyard of the Cats is the oldest documented communal courtyard in Córdoba. Originally forming part of the Puentezuela de Tres Caños houses which were built as rental properties, in medieval times.

They were purchased by the palace in the 16th century and continued to be rented until 18th century. It was not until the late 19th century when kitchens were installed in the adjoining rooms that the courtyard became a service area & also known as Courtyard of the Kitchens.

A washstand in the Courtyard of the Cats, Palacio de Viana, Córdoba, Spain

Did you know?

The Viana Palace was declared a National Monument of Historical and Artistic Interest in 1980 and a Historical – Artistic Garden in 1983

Courtyard of the Orange Trees

As the name would suggest this courtyard contains orange trees, some of which are over a 100 years old.

The Courtyard of the Orange Trees formed part of the original palace in the 15th century, it was once the entrance to the building until the Reception Courtyard was created.

Owing to its layout of being closed off & secluded, it is thought to be reminiscent of a Hispanic-Arabic garden.

Courtyard of the Bars

Built in the 17th century this iconic courtyard can be seen from outside the palace through grand architectural bars. Designed to allow the public to see the social status of its owners.

It certainly tempts you to wander in and take a look around.

Courtyard of the Columns

This is the most modern of the courtyards and was built in the 1980’s, very tranquil and spacious. It was a lovely place to sit and let time pass by.

The Garden

You then stroll through into the 19th century garden, it is amazing to think that a garden of this size is hidden amongst the narrow lanes of Córdoba.

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Courtyard of the Pool, the Well & the Gardeners

These 3 courtyards originally formed part of the service quarters of the palace. The Courtyard of the Pool is also home to a large greenhouse which is used by the gardening team today.

The well in the centre of the Courtyard of the Well is fed by the underground Colodro stream, from which the water is used to supply all the palace courtyards.

The Courtyard of the Gardeners was so named as this is where the gardeners would store their tools.

Today there is an amazing vertical garden of Plumbago covering a whole wall.

The best time?

Córdoba is renowned for its stunning floral courtyards and patios. To see them in full display there is a festival held annually each May.

Courtyard of the Chapel

This cool shady galleried courtyard dates from 17th century, however, it did not become part of the Palace until 18th century. It owes its name from an annexed chapel which has now been restored.

The patios in Palacio de Viana was a pleasure to discover and most certainly worth €5.

Have You?

Visited this historic Palace? Or are you planning to visit on your visit to Córdoba?

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To visit these beautiful gardens?

For more details on the palace why not visit the Palacio de Viana website

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