Ghent, The gallery (from 2006)

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That Flemish secret

We all know about Bruges, and it is picture postcard perfect, but who knows about Ghent? Oh, the Belgians do.

After visiting Bruges back in 2005, and being taken aback by its beauty, I wondered if there was more. So we took a punt and headed up the road to Ghent. Just 30 miles/50km along the E40 is another gem of a city. I felt like we'd stumbled on a secret.

The only disappointment, from a photographer's point of view, was the overhead power lines for the trams. I know they are essential for modern day life, but they can ruin a great picture.

Anyhow, power lines aside, This is a collection of shots from our return visit in 2006 as part of our 'Two sides of Belgium' road trip. The reason this gallery has the addition of 'From 2006' is the city has changed in those 11 years - We visited on the way back from Cologne one year, and the scale of change was evident. While researching this gallery, with the assistance of Google maps the extent of change is clear. Don't worry; it looks as if it's all for the better. (Those pesky power lines are still there though:-( )

The technical bits

A Canon EOS 1D MkII N was used to capture these images, in raw format, with either the wide angle EF16-35mm f/2.8L lens or it's bigger brother the 24-70mm f/2.8L lens.

I use Adobe Lightroom to catalogue the images, before being processed in Adobe Lightroom. Most of these pictures have then been passed through Google's Nik Collection of filters in Photoshop before landing back in Lightroom.

As always, any questions about individual images or techniques used, just ask - here to help.

Have You?

Discovered Ghent? What’s your favourite spot? (Ours has to be the little lanes of the Patershol district) If you’ve not been – what you waiting for?

Inspired to visit Ghent?

We certainly are - we have to go back to this fantatic city after it's had a refresh.

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The Gildenhuis vrije schippers, Ghent, Belgium

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