A Revival at Goodwood

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A revival of what? I hear you ask

The truth be told, a revival of the glory days of motorsport. That's right another tale of motorsport, and like the Festival of Speed, hosted by the Duke of Richmond. It aims to revive the spirt of the golden age of racing from 1948 through to 1966.

This time the action takes place a short hop from Goodwood House, at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. This iconic circuit runs around the Goodwood Aerodrome.

Across the Start Finish line, Goodwood Revival, UK

As you arrive prepare to step back in time.

Tickets please

As with the FoS as we can call it now, it's a ticket only event, with the tickets purchased on-line before the date. You can order them online at the Goodwood site.

It starts before you arrive…

As I mentioned in the Festival of Speed post, the normal way to arrive is via car. Along these normally tranquil country lanes you will probably encounter a delay. Worry not, tune to Radio Goodwood (Normally 87.7FM, but it's posted along the way.)

Once parked, the walk through the car parks normally has something to impress the enthusiast.

A Porsche 356 Roadster, Goodwood Revival, UK

The exotica are just a taster of what to expect as you enter the gates.

A Dino - An Original, Goodwood Revival, UK

From another era

You may also have noticed, along with cars from a vintage era, so is the style of some of the attendees. In fact it's positively encouraged to step back in time, and transform the whole event to a bygone era. It's all very charming.

If you want to know more about 'Going Retro', then head over to the Sussex Bloggers who cover it in some style.

All that charm aside, this is a motorsport event after all, and…

The car's the star ...

... that's right, although strictly speaking it embraces 2 & 4 wheels, so the thunderous sounds of motorbikes, from manufacturers long gone, race hell-for-leather around this beautiful circuit.

The cars themselves represent the finest steps in motorsport history, iconic cars such as;

Ac Cobra vs a Ferraris

A pair of Ford GT40's chasing down a Lister

A fire-spitting Jaguar in pursuit of an AC Cobra

A Ferrari 250 LM going flat out.

But these are not the only stars here.

The event attracts a list of drivers from all forms of racing, with names like David Coulthard, Tom Kristensen, Steve Parrish, John McGuinness to name but a few.

There's other names you'll recognise like Rowan Atkinson (That's right, Mr Bean), Sir Chris Hoy who join the list of other professional & gentlemen racers who put these wonderful pieces of machinery through their paces, and do what these machines were meant to do - Race.

But it's not all about racing.

Take time

To wander around the circuit.  It gives you a different perspective on the racing and it'll earn you a right to feast at one of the many fine food stalls that grace the circuit.

Oh, that sound…

The day is punctuated by the sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine. That's right the sonorous sound fills the sky as the Spitfire, Hurricane and other warplanes take to the sky.

But it's not all in the sky. Each year there's a theme to the track parade. A quirky throw back to a bygone era of motoring for all.

Then it's back to the racing

The gladiators of the race track then pitch battle again.

Titans of the track, hurl around, pushing to the very limits.

The cost of this machinery is frightening. Some of these cars are literally priceless.

And at the end of the day

You stroll away from the track, with memories of another time.

Brace yourself for reality.

Getting there

The Goodwood Motor Circuit is just 30 miles west of Brighton. However it gets very busy around the local country lanes during the revival weekend so unless you are staying really close you will be caught up in some traffic delays.

You can of course come by rail, to Chichester, and take a Taxi or a bus, however they are likely to experience the same traffic delays as those arriving by car.

Remember it will take time to get into the venue - but think of all those beautiful cars you'll pass on the way to the circuit.

Have You?

Experienced the Goodwood Revival?  Did you, or would you slip into period dress for the occasion?  Never considered a motor race - well this is a very different experience.

Inspired to visit the Goodwood Revival?

To step back in time?? Does a race meeting with a difference tempt you?

Why not consider staying close to Goodwood? Checkout the latest deals on Booking.Com?

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