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A revival of what? I hear you ask

The truth be told, it is a revival of the glory days of motorsport. That's right, another tale of motorsport, and like the Festival of Speed, hosted by the Duke of Richmond, it aims to revive the spirit of the golden age of racing from 1948 to 1966.

This time, the action takes place a short hop from Goodwood House at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. This iconic circuit runs around the Goodwood Aerodrome.

As you arrive, prepare to step back in time.

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Where is the Goodwood Revival?

How to get to the Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Motor Circuit is just 30 miles west of Brighton. However, it gets very busy around the local country lanes during the revival weekend, so unless you are staying really close, you will be caught up in some traffic delays.

You can, of course, come by rail to Chichester and take a taxi or a bus; however, they are likely to experience the same traffic delays as those arriving by car.

Remember, it will take time to get into the venue - but think of all those beautiful cars you'll pass on the way to the circuit.

Highlights from the Goodwood Revival

It starts before you arrive…
As I mentioned in the Goodwood Festival of Speed post, the usual way to arrive is via car. Along these normally tranquil country lanes, you may encounter a delay. Worry not; tune to Radio Goodwood (Normally 87.7FM, but it's posted along the way.)
a close-up rear view of a bright red, 1961 porsche 356b super 90 soft top with a fawn-coloured roof in the car park of the goodwood revival
A Porsche 356 Super 90 Roadster
Once parked, the walk through the car parks is typically something to impress the enthusiast.
a close-up look at a bright red, late 1960's ferrari dino 206 gt in the car park of the goodwood revival
A Ferrari Dino 206 GT
The exotica is just a taster of what to expect as you enter the gates.

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A day out at the Goodwood Revival

From another era
You may also have noticed, along with cars from a vintage era, that so is the style of some of the attendees. In fact, it's positively encouraged to step back in time and transform the whole event into a bygone era. It's all very charming.
A couple dressed in period outfits, the man as a sergeant in the army, facing in opposite directions whilst looking on at the goodwood revival
Dressed for the occasion

If you want to know more about 'Going Retro', head to the Sussex Bloggers who cover it in some style.

All that charm aside, this is a motorsport event, after all.

Get your tickets early

It's a ticket only event and they sell out quickly. You can only buy them online, not on the gate.

Check out the Goodwood site for the latest on availability & pricing.

What to expect at the Goodwood Revival

The car's the star ...
... that's right, although strictly speaking, it embraces two and four wheels, so the thunderous sounds of motorbikes, from manufacturers long gone, race hell-for-leather around this beautiful circuit.
michael rutter, motorcycle racer, riding a 1960 norton manx 30m at speed at the goodwood revival meeting
Michael Rutter on a Norton
All of these bikes have a story to tell, and they are pushed to the max. The commitment from the riders is awe-inspiring; they know only one thing: how to race.
a 1954 ducati 350 scd motorcycle being ridden at pace at the goodwood revival meeting
Pressing on
The cars themselves represent the finest steps in motorsport history, iconic cars such as;
smoke pouring off the tyres of a red ferrari 250 gt berlinetta as it is being chased through the lavant corner by an ac cobra 289 at the goodwood revival meeting
An AC Cobra chasing down a Ferrari

An AC Cobra versus a Ferrari. Some of these races are a real cat-and-mouse game, with sweet-handling thoroughbreds duking it out with monsters with phenomenal straight-line speed.

The battle unfolds lap after lap, maybe the chase telling on the pursuant, pushing too hard, with the inevitable consequences, or the pressure is too much for the lead car. Either way, you are guaranteed excitement.

a mclaren-chevrolet m1m being chased down by a ford gt40 in the iconic gulf colours at the goodwood revival classic car race meeting
A Gulf Ford GT40 in hot pursuit
You feel it's just a matter of time as this pair of Ford GT40's, in their iconic Gulf fuel liveries, chase down a Lister.
flames spitting from the exhaust of a bright red 1961 jaguar e type as it closes in on aa ac cobra through fordwater at the goodwood revival classic car race meeting
Spitting flames

Then you have this fire-spitting Jaguar in pursuit of an AC Cobra.

There are a number of different races run over the course of the weekend. They group cars of a similar class and age together, but there are still some epic David and Goliath battles to be had out there.

a bright red 1960's ferrari 250 lm cornering at fordwater with a lister in the ditance at the goodwood revival classic car race meeting
In pursuit
Don't think for one second that because these cars are worth an eye-watering sum of money, the drivers treat them with kid gloves, just look at this Ferrari 250 LM being driven flat out, now Google 'Ferrari 250 LM value'
the late sir stirling moss driving a 1956/57 aston martin dbs 3 sports racing car at the goodwood revival meeting
Sir Stirling Moss in an Aston Martin

But these are not the only stars here.

We have the late, great, Sir Stirling Moss. We saw him race many times here before he finally hung up his racing boots. It's even more amazing when you think this is the circuit that ended his racing career on the 23rd April 1962

The event attracts a list of drivers from all forms of racing, with names like David Coulthard, Tom Kristensen, Steve Parrish, John McGuinness to name but a few.

rowan atkinson driving a metallic blue 1965 ford mustang at the goodwood revival classic car race meeting
Rowan Atkinson in a Mustang

There are other names you'll recognise, like Rowan Atkinson (That's right, Mr Bean), Sir Chris Hoy, who joins the list of other professional & gentlemen racers who put these beautiful pieces of machinery through their paces, and do what these machines were meant to do - Race.

But it's not all about racing.

Where to stay near the Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Hotel
The hotel is part of the Goodwood Estate. As you may expect this is at the higher end of the market and had extensive leisure facilities include an indoor pool and spa bath, a steam room, sauna and modern gym.


Experience the Goodwood Revival

Oh, that sound…
A World War 2 Spitfire & Hurricane flying over the West Sussex countryside
Spitfires on display
The day is punctuated by the sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine. That's right, the sonorous sound fills the sky as the Spitfire, Hurricane, and other warplanes take to the sky.
Two variants of world war two spitfires flying in close formation in the skies above the goodwood revival classic car race meeting
Close formation

Weather permitting, there is always an air display, lest we forget that the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit is also a light airport.

Once again, the organisers have put thought into the air display, and you will catch a glimpse of something in the air from that bygone era we keep referring to.

Looking up at a lancaster bomber, flanked by a spitfire and a hurricane of the battle of britain memorial flight in the skies above the goodwood revival classic car race meeting
Battle of Britain memorial flight
But it's not all in the sky. Each year, there's a theme to the track parade. It's a quirky throwback to a historic era of motoring for all.
a bright red 1965 jcitroen ds 19 usine with its roof down towing a stainless steel caravan at the goodwood revival meeting
Camping in style
There is so much to see and do; it's an assault on the senses, but one thing is for sure: if you're taking your camera, then make sure you have plenty of capacity because you're probably going to go snap happy.

Take time

To wander around the circuit. It gives you a different perspective on the racing and it'll earn you a right to feast at one of the many fine food stalls that grace the circuit.

Museum pieces at the Goodwood Revival

Then it's back to the racing
The gladiators of the race track then pitch battle again.
the 1927 bentley jackson special single-seater historic racing car at the on a grey overcast day at the goodwood revival meeting
Old Mother Gun
I shudder to think of the expense of these racing cars. Take this 1927 racer, officially Bentley Jackson Special, but probably better known as 'Old Mother Gun'. Winning the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1928, she is totally unique; what price could you put on her?
the bright red 1929 bentley 'birkin' single-seater hisotric racing car at the goodwood revival meeting
The Red Beast
And here we have another Bentley, the 4½-Litre 'Blower' Birkin Monoposto. One of a kind, instantly recognisable to the aficionados, but still driven with enthusiasm.
Two classic historic racing cars drifting as the blast around the madgwick corner on a grey overcast day at the goodwood revival meeting
On the edge
Titans of the track, hurled around, pushing to the very limits.
three cars chasing a 1950's metallic green jaguar through the lavant corner at the goodwood revival classic car race meeting
Classic sports cars
The mix of drivers at the Goodwood Revival meeting differs from wealthy gentlemen drivers driving their own racing cars to those who own and place professional drivers in the seats. They all have one thing in common: they love racing these beautiful, classic cars.
the 1930 mercedes 710 ss rennsport being chased down during the brooklands trophy race on an overcast day at the goodwood revival meeting
A racing Mercedes

So many of these machines would not be out of place in a museum. This 1930 Mercedes-Benz 710 SS Rennsport Tourer, ordered by Captain Malcolm Campbell, would not look out of place in the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart.

Instead, she's being put through her paces here, the scream of her supercharger differentiating her from the other cars in the field.

A red and white 1951 ferrari 212 formula one car passing british racing green connaught type a formula two car on an overcast day at the goodwood revival meeting
Duelling it out
We have this 1951 Ferraris 212 Formula 1 car racing against a Formula 2 Connaught Type A. The cost of this machinery is frightening. Some of these cars are literally priceless.

Impressions from the Goodwood Revival

at the end of the day
You stroll away from the track, with memories of another time.
A family group dressed in period clothing from the 1940's following a historic pickup truck as they head away from the goodwood revival at the end of the day.
Heading Home
Brace yourself for reality.

Have You?

Experienced the Goodwood Revival? Did you, or would you slip into period dress for the occasion? Never considered a motor race - well this is a very different experience.

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  1. What an incredible event! Goodwood Revival is a true celebration of classic cars and timeless style that I can’t wait to experience next year.

    1. Yes, it’s a fantastic occasion, I loved seeing so many people dressed up and truly embracing the event.

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