My Pan Con Tomate

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My perfect Spanish breakfast

I can remember when, and where, I first had this. The Cafetería Lisboa Granada, 30th September 2014

My perfect Spanish breakfast,Pan con Tomate

Since then it’s been a firm favourite, both when in Spain, and also when at home. I like to prepare it fresh, making enough for two generous portions.

The simplest of recipes

As always I’ll provide the measurements in imperial U.K./US and metric.

100 grams of tomatoes per portion, preferably Spanish, finely chopped
A good glug of Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil – say a tablespoon if you’re looking for a measurement.
A pinch of sea salt.
A slice of rustic bread
The raw ingedients,Pan con Tomate

It really is that simple.

The simplest of preparations

Finely chop the tomatoes by hand. I know it may appear easier to do this in a food processor, but don’t. It’ll blitz the pips, add air, and make the mixture turn a little pink. I suppose some may say skin the tomatoes, but life’s too short.

Chopped tomatoes,Pan con Tomate

Add your glug of oil and add a pinch of salt.

I like to make a double batch and keep it in the fridge. You just need to let it get up to room temperature before you serve it, as the olive oil may solidify slightly.

Toast your bread of choice, I like a nice ciabatta with large spaces to soak up the tomato mixture.


Firstly, on all the menus I’ve seen you can also have it served with a slice of Serrano ham. And why not.

With optional ham,Pan con Tomate

You can also add a flavoured oil, why not try garlic, basil or a little bit of chilli.

So does it work?

For me it just needs a glass of freshly squeezed zumo de naranja, a café con leche, and a good dose of sun. Give me that and I’m transported back to the start of the finest days in Spain.

Three Simple indredients,Pan con Tomate

Inspired to try Pan Con Tomate

As much as I love this dish, it’s best in Spain. I discovered it in Granada, but it followed me on our first & second Spanish road trips.

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The Spanish Breakfast,Pan con Tomate

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Have You

Tried this whilst in Spain? Or have you brought back you own memories of your travels to your breakfast table? What can take you back to a favourite holiday?

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