Photography & me: The truth

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So I can take a reasonable photograph

Or so I am told. However, I am not a natural. I need to work at it. The good news is practice makes perfect and now I would have the time to practice.

So here it is

I guess the phrase ‘I am not a natural’ might surprise some people, but it’s true. I know because the longer the break, the more my photography improves. The composition is better, my mind is switched on to my artistic side, and I see the world in a slightly different way. I just wish that boot-up time was a little quicker. I wonder how many other folks are in the same boat?

So what’s the answer, use your camera more, and now I have the time that will be the case. In my former life the answer was to ensure I used the camera just before a planned break. Even if that was a walk through the English countryside with the camera firing shots, working on those areas where I knew I was deficient. If I made that effort, you could see the difference in the holiday shots.

However, there was a problem.

Which was self-inflicted. I harp on about shooting in ‘camera raw’, the digital equivalent of shooting negatives. The flip side of that is that to get the best out of a shot, work needs to happen after the event. I have signed up to Adobe’s Photography plan which, for a monthly fee, gives me Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop. So for every photography session there is a period of time I need to dedicate in front of the computer.

Let me show you.

So to just analyse some shots, to check I have my eye in, takes a little bit of work.

What’s the solution to that problem?

To remember you are just practicing, you could be brutal and delete those shots after. I generally don’t unless they are obviously rubbish. You know over/underexposed, blurred, picture of your feet, etc. If you are shooting in RAW you can always revisit the good shots at a later date and try a new technique.

So I settle back in front of the computer, fire up some tunes and get to work.

And when you cracked that.

I know that once you have a correctly exposed, well composed shot, the rest is just a matter of a little bit of work to make something memorable.

It is always rewarding to revisit images, flick through your own photo-book, or look up on your wall and see an original piece of work that’s all yours. That makes it all so very worthwhile.

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