A mural for Shabby Chic in the Carrer de la Tapineria, Valencia, Spain

Street art through the lanes of Valencia

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Our little gallery

Before our mini break to Valencia, we used Google’s ‘Street View’ to wander around the city. What was noticeable was the street art (or graffiti some may call it), on the walls and iron shutters.  Don’t be put off by this, as behind some of these painted shutters could be your favourite Bodega.

This gallery is a small selection of the work out there.  There's probably a lot more out there to discover.  Why not see what you can find?

The art is all part of the cities appeal.  What we have shown here is revealing itself in different forms.

And now the gallery

Have You?

Visited Valencia? did you spot the street art in all its forms that decorate the streets?

Inspired to visit Valencia?

The street art is worth seeing but there's plent more to tempt you.

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Street art through the lanes of Valencia

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