The Medieval Town of Monsaraz, Portugal

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A hilltop treat.

Our Portuguese road trip continues, we leave Lagos and head north-east driving through some beautiful scenery. We are on our way to Évora, however, before we arrive, we’ve read about the lovely hilltop town of Monsaraz, and it looks far too pretty to pass up a visit.

The Castle & town in the background, Monsaraz, Portugal

Monsaraz looks down upon the River Guadiana, and we are so close to Spain that you can almost smell the sherry wafting across the border.

The view across River Guadiana, Monsaraz, Portugal


Parking – There are car parks dotted along the road leading up to Monsaraz and parking is free of charge.

Ancient Footsteps

The medieval walled town of Monsaraz is incredibly charming, how could you resist the allure of wandering amongst the perfectly kept white-washed homes and along the historic cobbled lanes.

The cobbled streets, Monsaraz, Portugal
A couple hand in hand, Monsaraz, Portugal

Go with the flow

I was sceptical that it may be rather touristy, and it really wasn’t. It felt like family life was still at the heart of the town, ladies and gents chatting on street corners and locals tending to their everyday business.

Another quiet street, Monsaraz, Portugal
Through a gate, Monsaraz, Portugal

We were there on May Day, and it was relaxing just strolling along a quiet lane admiring the scenery and architecture, and so often no-one else was around.

The quiet lanes, Monsaraz, Portugal
Casa at the end of lane, Monsaraz, Portugal

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