A racing Mini blasting around Brands Hatch in 2007.

2007: The year of dirt tracks & tarmac.

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Armed with my professional sports camera

... I had a regular weekend rendezvous at the ‘Hatch’

A racing Mini blasting around Brands Hatch in 2007.

Brands Hatch, the iconic circuit in the South-East of England, that started life as a dirt track circuit, before being tarmacked in the 1950s. It hosted many events, which included 12 Formula 1 Grand Prix visits between 1964 to 1986.

In some ways, it reminded me of my father; no, he was not a professional racing driver, he loved working with his hands, and would often be working on his car, or on other peoples, he just loved it. With that came the smell of petrol, oil & machinery. I’m not saying that may father wreaked of ‘Eau de Castrol GTX’, rather the heady scent of rubber & fuel at Brands Hatch reminded me of his garage.

We also picked up on our travelling too

A quick weekend break to the wonderful Honfleur, Normandy, France. A rather refreshing mini-break to Iceland in May. When the sun never sets, and I discovered the real sensation of cold whilst ‘whale-watching’ off the coast. That was followed the balmy heat of downtown Manhattan in June. Later in the year, scooping the opportunity of adding two weeks leave after a business trip to Costa Rica.

The trip to Costa Rica was another lesson in camera management. It also justified my expenditure on buying the best kit that I could afford. The trip was an adventure in a landscape that was both exciting, and completely alien. The moisture in the cloud-forest & rain forest environments was impressive, but nothing compared to the humidity of Tortuguero. This is where the weather proofing of the Canon 1D series, and associated ‘L’ series lenses really come into their own. However you do still need to take precautions.

That road trip coast-to-coast across Costa Rica (Not all driven by me, the details are in Janis’s post – ‘Sloths & Mojitos – The Costa Rica road trip’), was a journey from the hectic tarmac of San Jose to the dirt tracks that made up some of the more interesting trails. Little did I know this was my last journey with that camera.

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