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Agua de Valencia – A glass of sunshine

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The elements of an Agua de Valencia

A memory of Valencia

… and something a little different that Sangria (which we also love).

Agua de Valencia…

… so much more than Buck’s Fizz.

You’ll need a pitcher, and best served in a reasonable sized glass.

We have provided a metric & US version.

The recipe for Agua de Valencia

750ml of Cava (1 standard bottle)
50ml Vodka
50ml Gin
250 ml Orange Juice (Ideally freshly squeezed Valencian oranges, but failing that the best OJ you can get.)


Put a reasonable amount of ice in your pitcher, Add the vodka & gin, pour over the Cava and add the orange juice, give it a little stir. Top up with ice if necessary.

Pour into chilled glasses and sit back and enjoy.

In case you’re interested

The wine glass feature in this shot is a LSA International’s Elina Wine Goblet

Disclaimer: By purchasing from the above link we will earn a small commision, at no extra cost to yourself. However, we purchased the glasses as we like them and we’re not being paid to promote them. Just so you know.

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