Aperol Spritz - a burt of Italian evening sunshine in a glass

Aperol Spritz – Italian sunshine in a glass

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Aperol Spritz - a burst of Italian evening sunshine in a glass

This is our taste of Venice.

Although this burst of sunshine pops up in our other Italian adventures too.

The packet of plain salted crisps, (or chips, it depends on where you are from.), are essential to finish off the experience.

Just add sun (easy enough), and a Gondolier (trickier!), and we are transported back.

The perfect Aperol Spritz

This is the easiest recipe to follow. It as easy as;

It's as easy as 3-2-1

3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 part Soda water

Pour over ice, mix together, and decorate with a slice of orange, ideally a nice blood orange.

Just bring on the sun. 🌞

Like the glasses?  They are from LSA Internationals Elina collection and are our favourites for a nice, large, Aperol Spritz.

There available in the UK & Europe.

(If you order from the link here we'll earn a small commission)

Have You?

Tried an Aperol Spritz? Does it make you think of Italy? or does it take you somewhere else?

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Does an Aperol Spritz remind you of Italy?

I know that's a little silly, but if you've tasted one whilst you are Italy, this is a great way to take you back.

If you haven't tried one in Italy why not check out the latest deals on Booking.Com and whisk yourself away?

Aperol Spritz – Italian sunshine in a glass

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