Centuries Past, Deal Castle, Kent, England

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Let battle commence

We woke up to another bright Autumnal day and Gary and I decided to head to Kent’s charming coastline.

The entrance to the Keep, Deal Castle, Kent, England, UK

Armed with our English Heritage cards rather than our bucket and spades, we set off to discover Deal and Walmer Castle. 

Henry VIII left his mark

Deal Castle was built by Henry VIII between 1539/40 and was part of a chain of coastal artillery forts, which formed part of the King’s “Device Programme”.

Deal Castle, Deal, Kent, England, UK

Concerned by the threat of invasion from France and the Holy Roman Empire (which he had brought upon himself). Henry VIII had three castles (Walmer, Deal & Sandown) built along with earthwork defences in between to protect the Downs.

A defensive cannon, Deal Castle, Kent, England, UK
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How to get there

You can catch a direct train from London St Pancras to Deal Station. Additionally, if you also wanted to visit Walmer Castle, this is on the same train line and the stop after Deal. Free parking is available on site.

Taking no chances

The Bastions of Deal Castle, Deal, Kent, England, UK

Although Deal castle doesn’t sit on high ground, its main defences were a keep, six large outer and six inner circular stone bastions and a moat encircling it.

This level of protection allowed sixty-six artillery firing positions around the castle.  

A secure entrance to Deal Castle, Deal, Kent, England, UK

English Heritage

Entrance to Deal Castle for an adult is £8.00 (2019) or free if you're an English Heritage Member

A little rustic

The lower levels of Deal Castle, Deal, Kent, England, UK

Although the living quarters in Deal Castle were improved during the 18th & 19th centuries, it never quite stood the test of time like Walmer, its sister castle along the road. Which became the home of the “Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports”.  William Pitt the Younger during the late 18th & early 19th Century. Then during the 19th century, the Duke of Wellington resided there and also passed away in Walmer Castle.

The vaulted basement, Deal Castle, Kent, England, UK

An interesting read

If you're intrigued by Kent's weird and wonderful history, or all unusual stories around the county, then take a peek at "Kent's Strangest Tales".

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What is great about Deal Castle is that the whole fortress is open for you to explore. Climb to the uppermost point of the bastions and wander around the top for some stunning views across the English Channel.

Cannons looking out to Sea, Deal Castle, Deal, Kent, England, UK

Once you have manoeuvred yourself around the cannons, head down through the fort and enter the dark passages beneath the bastions, these are great fun for the kids.

A secure exit, Deal Castle, Kent, England, UK
Staircase to the upper levels, Deal Castle, Kent, England, UK

You’ll be wandering through four-hundred-year-old passages, which encircle the castle.

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Little less exposed

As you step back up through the narrow corridors, to the next level, you’ll enter the living quarters, complete with stone ovens and charred fireplaces.

The baker's oven, Deal, Kent, England, UK

Children’s interactive activities can be found on this level, and also a large map of Europe depicted during the 16th Century, are amongst some of the exhibits here.

The remains of the fireplace, Deal, Kent, England, UK
Europe the time of Henry VIII, Deal, Kent, England, UK

Continuing to the highest level, to the captain’s first-floor residence, read the varied historical stories of the people who lived and worked at the castle.

The upper floor of the keep, Deal Castle, Kent, England, UK

Have You?

... been tempted to venture to the seaside to discover Deal Castle and its battlements for yourself?

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Inspired to visit Deal Castle?

Want to see Henry VIII's legacy on the Kent coast?  There's a lot more to see & do at Deal, and it's an ideal base to discover the eastern coastline of Kent.

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Our visit to Deal Castle, Deal, Kent, England, UK

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