First impressions of the Canon EOS M6

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And do I need another camera?

Well yes, the vast majority of the images on this site were captured on a heavyweight Canon DSLR Camera - Not unlike this one.

Canon EOS 1Dx MkII

If you haven't read my 'photograph story' I'll give you the short version - Got hooked on photography, invested in a big camera so I could take decent pictures of my travels and some motorsport action.

I have collected my kit over the years, and it's allowed me to capture a lot of memories. I guess at times I have fallen out of love with it once or twice; why do I not have any pictures of Bordeaux when we visited in 2006 as part of our South to North road trip through France?

So what's the problem

So step forward to the decision to start blogging, and sharing our travels. The big Canon is perfect, I shoot a lot more these days, and I'm conscious I'm shooting to tell a story. Part of that story is what we eat & drink and that's where the problem comes in. The DSLR is just too big in certain situations where you want to be a little discreet.

So what's the solution

Well, of course, I could use the camera phone - the one on the iPhone 6s isn't bad, but I want the image quality of the DSLR. So 'drum-roll', bring forward the Canon EOS M6. You'll notice I stuck with the same brand - a few reasons, familiarity, the (slim) possibility of using my existing EOS lenses via an adaptor, the same raw format I love.

Canon EOS M6 Camera

So more kit

Well yes, but I was rather good. To offset the cost of the Canon EOS M6 and the lens I had chosen, I decided to trade in my previous Canon. That trusty fellow had served me well since 2008 but had been collecting dust once it had been replaced.

I decided to trade it in through WEX Photographic, as it's a company I have used many times over the years and offers an excellent service.

The trade in process is simple and risk-free. For my nine year old, well used, camera I was offered £550 after requesting an online quote. It wasn't being used now so I decided the price was right for me.

However, when WEX received the camera, they upgraded the offer to £620, because it was in better condition than I had indicated (plus it came with all the original box/manuals, etc.

Once we agreed on the price, my account was credited, and I ordered the new Canon.

So, does it meet your needs?

In a nutshell, yes. It's perfectly petite and takes great shots. I will write a more detailed review after a couple of months use, but the initial feeling is good.

Here's a shot I captured of a meal in a pub for a family celebration.

However, I see a problem…

As soon as I set eyes on the little fella I thought "Mmmm, would I be tempted to pack this rather than the large Canon". It certainly is a great travel companion and would be great if I needed to travel light. However the Canon 1Dx has many advantages over its little sibling, so I think the kit bag has just got a bit heavier.

One thing I think will be true, with this pocket giant, I'm going to be taking more pictures than before - and that can only be a good thing.

Your choice

What's your choice of travel camera? Have you considered a mirrorless camera as an alternative to a DSLR?

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