A view taken from outside the parliament building capturing the Athenebrunnen (Athena Fountain), with the Rathaus clock tower in the background.

Ahhhhhhhh Vienna

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(am I showing my age?)

Here’s why I chose Vienna, Austria

Well I visited Austria on a school trip, fleetingly quite a few years ago now, but it obviously left its mark as I have always wanted to head back to the country. On that occasion I didn’t visit Vienna, Austria’s capital, so this was an obvious location to pick when returning to Austria.

It’s my birthday in early August, so often I use this as an excuse to venture on a mini break; in 2015 it was Vienna’s turn.

I also have a friend that used to live in Vienna and would often speak highly of it, first hand experiences are always valuable.

The fact that Vienna also appears to be very walkable, is high on the plus side for us.

So what would be top of my list?

Well here were a few thoughts;

– Architecture: This is often a big draw for us to any country or city, the history behind Vienna is certainly no exception. I can see Gary taking an abundance of photos here.

The Horse Tamer statue is one of a pair flanking the entrance to the parliament buildings.  The Rathaus clock tower features in the background, Vienna, Austria

– Music: Austria was a magnet to so many great classical musicians; Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert and Brahms (just to name but a few). What is it about this country that inspired so many musicians?

– Weather: It’s likely to be warm, but not too hot, probably a bit like the UK and just as unpredictable. I do enjoy those summer evenings meandering around looking for that ideal restaurant, to able to sit in the open air and be a spectator in watching the world pass by.

– Food: it has to be Weiner Schnitzel at the top of the list, closely followed by strudel (apfel or topfen, I don’t mind). Vienna is also well-known for its cakes, particularly served in one of their ornate cafes. I’ll have to try and make time to fit this in. Also Goulash, but perhaps this is more of a winter dish.

Grizing offers numerous 'Heurigers', these wonderful wine taverns.  Try local wine, with a plate of Austrian fayre, Vienna, Austria

– Drink: I have recently found out that Vienna has a wine region in the city, so this has to be researched further, the sacrifices I have to make….

– Flights: As this is a mini break we didn’t what to spend too long flying, and the flight time to Vienna is only just over 2 hours from London, so this was ideal.

– Not too sure about the horse and carriage tour yet, but never say never.

– I’d like to say my experience of the Viennese Waltz, but my 2 left feet give me away.

So now it’s time to think of the planning, to ensure we see as much as we can.

The ‘Ahhhhhhhh’ Vienna reference is to the 1981 hit by Ultravox that spent 4 weeks in the UK charts at number 2, famously kept off the top spot by John Lennon and then by a ‘novelty’ song, “Shaddap You Face”. That was over 35 years ago – Now that is a OMG moment.

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