The Silk Exchange or Llotja de la Seda at dusk, Valencia, Spain

3 nights in Valencia, Spain – Part 1: Late Arrival

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Valencia: A gem, hidden in plain sight.

Valencia, Spain’s third largest city after Madrid & Barcelona, is a well-kept secret that you feel the Valencians rather prefer that way.

The Silk Exchange or Llotja de la Seda at dusk, Valencia, Spain

Sure they have given over the Plaza de la Reina & Plaza de la Virgen to the tourists. However, you only have to stroll a few streets to find the bars & cafes frequented by locals enjoying their secret.

That’s not to say avoid the tourist hotspots, they are popular for a reason.

With only 3 days in Valencia, what can you fit in?

Well with some pre-planning and breaking the city down by regions, you'd be surprised how much you can see.

If your touchdown is later in the day, like ours was, fear not, Valencia flows into the late evening, as is the norm with Spanish life.

The old town is a joy to discover

If you’re staying in, or close to, the old town, then the choice of bars & restaurants is over-whelming. You won’t have to wander too far to sample the delights of this city.

Also don’t forget Tapas is grazing, therefore there’s nothing wrong with selecting a couple of dishes, washed down with whatever takes you fancy, and then moving on. If you do want to settle down in one location, no problem either. Order less than you think, and then judge how the portions suit you, because you can always order more.

Our selection was the padrón peppers, papata bravas & albondigas

Mixed tapas at Turrones Ramos, Valencia, Spain

The chicken lollipops seemed interesting.

Chicken Lollipops Tapas at Turrones Ramos, Valencia, Spain

Playing Russian Roulette with the Padrón peppers. Mostly mild, but some can be hot – there’s no way of knowing though

Padrón peppers at Turrones Ramos, Valencia, Spain

Just make sure you do get a to wander the streets and find your bearings, a late arrival is not a waste.

Get a good night’s sleep, looks like tomorrow’s going to be a long day.

Have You?

Visited Valencia? Did you wonder why Barcelona gets all the attention when this city has so much to offer? What was your hightlight of the city?

Inspired to visit Valencia?

This city is full and vibrant. It is also a good size to discover on foot.

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