Keukenhof – A gallery

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A place so beautiful it deserves its own gallery

One of the inspirations of our Tulips & Cheese tour of Holland was a visit to Keukenhof. The place was astounding, and what I thought would be a couple of hours of "Oh, that's cute" or "Mmmm, that's nice" actually turned out to be a full day of a mild "Wow". Holland also demonstrated it could have four seasons all crammed into one day 🙂

Anyway, Janis created her post "7 Million Blooming Reasons to Visit Keukenhof", and after I had shortlisted the photo's to help tell the story I had too many left over not to share in my own post.

I have included a couple of my favourites from that post and a whole bunch of others that caught my eye.

The technical bits

Shot on a Canon EOS 1Dx-MkII, with the 24-70mm f/2.8L lens attached.

The images are catalogued in Adobe Lightroom, before being processed in Adobe Photoshop to correct the Raw images. What is different from my other galleries is the restraint I have had in using Google Nik Collection Filter - HDR Efex Pro 2. That's not to say I didn't dip into this most valuable of toolboxes for some other tweaks. My aim is to create an image that reflects the feel of the scene.

As always, any questions about individual images, techniques or even Keukenhof itself, just ask - here to help.

Have You?

Seen Holland in bloom? - or indeed visited any of the many other festivals that explode with colour?

Inspired to visit Keukenhof?

Has this gallery inspired you to visit Keukenhof? I have to say from a photographer's point of view I loved the landscape, the beauty in the bloom, and the shapes created.

We included Keukenhof as part of a short road trip through Holland, and our base for this leg was Haarlem

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  1. Amazing photos – we are headed to Keukenhof next week. These photos show that it’s definitely worth seeing!

    1. Guys,We hope you really enjoy it. Where are you staying? We love the Netherlands, great people, and so many pretty little places to explore.My mother will be there tomorrow (It was part of her Christmas gift), so we should have an update on this year’s displays, but I expect it will be stunning.Take care, and happy travels,Gary & Janis

      1. We are in a camper van – almost at the end of our year in a van! We travelled through the Netherlands around August last year but as we are dropping the van in Hamburg it is the perfect opportunity to pop in to holland on the way from France (where we are currently ??) .

        1. Guys, what an adventure. That sounds fabulous, a great way to see so much (we’re huge fans of the road trip – and we love France too! – actually we just love travelling). We’re planning on visiting Hamburg in the run-up to Christmas as part of our 2018 German Christmas road trip (see, I said we like a road trip).Fingers crossed for a little sunshine to see Keukenhof, and a safe onward journey to Hamburg.Cheers,Gary & Janis

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