A boat moored up in Orta San Giulio , with Isola San Giulio in the background, Lake Orta, Italy

Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, Lake Orta, Italy

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Lake Orta is a hidden gem

A boat moored up in Orta San Giulio , with Isola San Giulio in the background, Lake Orta, Italy

The peace and tranquility that surrounds this lake in comparison to its larger siblings of Maggiore and Como, eerily brings an unknown calmness to your well being.

So keep it to yourself!

The mountainous backdrop provides tranquility to the scene.

The view from the lakeside to the small island of Isola San Giulio on Lake Orta, Italy

The small town of Orta San Giulio which has been nestled into the slopes of steep hill, on the eastern shores of Lake Orta, is a delight.

Strolling south out of the town along the lakeside path, Via Giovanetti, this shady, tree-lined route gives you a chance to see the lake from a slightly different perspective.

The tree lined Via Giovanetti, Orta San Giulio , Lake Orta, Italy

Whilst strolling along the the lanes of this town you almost feel transported to to another age, time is no longer necessary, you just slip into the relaxed pace of life without batting an eyelid.

A cobbled lane in Orta San Giulio , Lake Orta, Italy

Piazza Maria Motta

The Piazza Maria Motta, Orta San Giulio , Lake Orta, Italy

A great place to take the weight off you feet and watch the world go by.

The ochre buildings that are strewn through this town evoke images of Italian town folk bustling around attending to their daily chores.

The tiny, cobbled alleyway that leads to Piazza Maria Motta, Piazza, Orta San Giulio , Lake Orta, Italy

The medieval 16th century town hall at one end of the main square still bares traces of a previous era

The Palazzo della Comunità, Piazza Maria Motta, Piazza, Orta San Giulio , Lake Orta, Italy

As you wander the streets you can feel history, hundreds of years of history.

A beautiful building in Orta San Giulio , Lake Orta, Italy

The little island of Isola San Giulio can be seen from the bay of Orta San Giulio, this island is only 902 feet (275 metres) long and 459 feet (140 metres) wide.

The Isola San Giulio, a boat returns to the jetty at Orta San Giulio, Lake Orta, Italy

The most famous building on the island is the basilica di San Giulio, which has since been converted into a Benedictine Monastry for nuns.

This island can be accessed by boat from Piazza Maria Motta, the stroll around the island on the cobblestone streets are drapped in silence out of respect for the inhabitants.

A view across the roof tops to Isola San Giulio from Orta San Giulio , Lake Orta, Italy

For the Driver

If like us you are staying on the shores of Lake Maggiore, the drive to Orta San Giulio is stunning.

Our route from Stresa took as through a private toll road. As we climbed, the roadside was littered by the cars of locals. Spotting them heading into the heavily forested areas , baskets looped over their arms; best guess, foragers, possible truffle hunting.

The drop down into the town was beautiful too. It was nice to find plenty of parking just on the outskirts of the small town.

A matter of minutes walk, and a beautiful walk at that, onto the lake edge.

Have You?

Discovered Lake Orta? It's a gem, a real place of beauty - find a quiet spot, open a book and relax.

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