Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg with the Royal Square in the foreground.

Memories of Brussels, Belgium

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So much more than just chocolate and beer

Now I’m not saying we didn’t get familiar with the beer and chocolate (possibly not together), it would have been rude of us not to.

The front of an elegant chocolate shop in Brussels

However, there were certainly enough other things to keep you occupied in Brussels.

Like any city it has a diverse cultural blend of history past and present and welcomes all with open arms.


For me La Grand-Place was a wonderful experience, particularly the first time you stroll upon it. From any of the lanes that converge onto the square you are immediately taken aback by the stunning architecture.

The majority of the buildings in the square date back to the late 17th century and the intricate facades are amazing.

La Grand-Place is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is easy to see why.

One of the most impressive buildings that surround the cobbled market square is the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) with its imposing Bell Tower.

The Hotel de Ville in the Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

Before we went to Brussels I didn’t appreciate how stunning the arcade galleries were going to be.

Built around the mid 19th century the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert is like stepping back in time.

With a mix of luxury boutiques, chocolate shops and restaurants.

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Brussels, Belgium

We visited the Manneken Pis on his Count Dracula day, ‘Fangs for the Memories’.

The facade was replaced in 1904 and although it is the official palace of the King and Queen, it is not used as a royal residence.

Palais Royal de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

Jacquemart clock on Mont des Arts is certainly worth a visit on the hour, you almost walk under it without even noticing.

The carillon at Mont des Arts, Brussels, Belgium


I really enjoy street art, and Brussels has some great examples.

Comic-strip street art, Brussels, Belgium
The Boss - by Jeff Aerosol, Brussels, Belgium

I’m a particular fan of Jef Aerosol.

In my opinion it is worth going to Brussels just for this.

Street Art, Brussels, Belgium

Try and head to the La Grand-Place of an evening when the Hotel de Ville is lit up; you won’t be disappointed.

The Hotel de Ville at dusk in the Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

The parks and gardens dotted around the city are a welcoming pleasure. Particularly lovely to enjoy whilst resting your tired feet.

The arch that sits proudly as a gateway to the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels.

The triumphal arch that overlooks Parc du Cinquantenaire was built in 1880 to celebrate 50 years of Belgian independence

A stroll through the small flower market on Sunday morning in La Grand-Place, was a pleasant surprise.

Flower Market, Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

Brussels has some great brasseries and bars, don’t be afraid to see what’s hiding behind the doors.

A typical bustling brasserie in Brussels, Belgium

  • Of course we sampled the obvious local delicacies, who wouldn’t. However, I also tried Waterzooi (although actually from Ghent, just down the road), this dish was originally cooked with fish, but I went with the carnivore version, with chicken and was very tasty.


Whilst in Brussels we stumbled upon a small art gallery which had some fantastic ceramic ball shaped figures, on display in the window.

Martha a piece of local art brought back from Brussels, Belgium

I couldn’t resist one and to save me ushering Martha on the Eurostar, the gallery kindly sent her home for me.

A funny moment

Sunday morning 9:30, watching Belgian gentlemen enjoying a beer with friends in a brasserie.

A slight disappointment

  • We didn’t see any of the little blue people, unfortunately I remember the Smurfs the first time around.

For some of Gary’s other photos of Brussels take a look at his gallery.

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Memories of Brussels, Belgium

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  1. I too fell in love with a fantastic ball shaped figure! It was in New England (Maine or Massachusetts) and his name is Gus. I would love to buy another. Do you have any information you can share on the artist?

    1. Thanks for your comments JessicaThe artist is Catherine Hunter, I believe her gallery in Brussels closed in 2017. However, she has a website and I have attached the link. Good luck in finding a buddy for Gus…Cheers Janis & Gary

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