The Neue Burg, a crescent-shaped neoclassic building that overlooks Heldenplatz, or heroes square.

Memories of Vienna, Austria

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A city of class

Vienna is a friendly city that felt very relaxed. (Or was that just us?)

The Natural History Museum from the Volksgarten, Vienna, Austria

Although we used the hop on, hop off buses to venture to the highlights further afield, there was still plenty to catch your eye in the heart of the city.


  The architecture - Along the cobbled streets, the imposing St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the heart of the city.

St Francis outside St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria
St. Michael's Square at night, Vienna, Austria

The impressive Hofburg, Rathaus and Opera House are equally beautiful.

Also the plentiful fountains.

The Soviet Monument - Hochstrahlbrunnen, Vienna, Austria

  Local Wine - I heard that there were vineyards in Vienna, but I had to go and see for myself.

Grinzing is in a district, northwest of Vienna and was a lovely place to visit.

Sitting in a garden of one of the wine taverns, bathed in the August sunshine was a delight.

  Schonbrunn Palace and gardens - (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Although this palace is a little out of the city centre, it really is worth a visit.

Not only for the stunning Baroque palace, but the manicured gardens, are pleasure to wander amongst.

The view from the Gloriette is worth the climb.

  Vienna’s Naschmarkt -  This is a food market with a difference being nearly a mile long (or 1.5km).

It offers culinary delights and numerous types of cuisine from around the world.

It was lovely to just wander through and experience the atmosphere, but equally having a pit stop in one of the many bars and restaurants after all you want to experience it all.


  The horse and Carriage tour -  This was something I was not too sure about doing, but Gary convinced me otherwise and I’m so pleased he did.

After carefully selecting a horse & carriage we headed off from St Stephen’s Cathedral into the twilight and had our guided tour of the city .

It is something I would highly recommend doing because it gives you a unique view of the city.

  Cakes and patisserie - I was aware that Vienna was well known for its cake selection, but nothing prepared me for the opulent experience, of entering The Café Central in the heart of the city.

A view of the vauted ceiling of Café Central, Vienna, Austria

The Café Central in the heart of the city. Not only was the cake selection to die for, but the architecture and ambience in the café was unforgettable.

It has to be seen to be believed.

  The Sausage stands or Wurstelstands – Head to one of these for your traditional Viennese snack after all you’re a tourist and it has to be a box to tick.

They can be found on many street corners and sell a vast array of sausages such as the ‘Currywurst’, ‘Frankfurter’, ‘Debreziner’, ‘Burenwurst’ & ‘Waldviertler’ to name but a few.

What I find great is that they don’t cut the bread roll/baguette along the side or on top ,oh no, in fact they slice the end off and hollow out the inside by impaling it on a spike. Then they stick the sausage in, fantastic, no mess (I’m easily pleased).

If you are a vegetarian or vegan there’s still something on the menu for you too.


  Austrian wine – not widely on sale in the UK, but certainly worth trying it if you can get your hands on it.

What I would do differently

  Stay for longer - because 3 nights is not enough.

A slight disappointment

  Danube Boat Tour - The main reason the boat tour was a disappointment was due to the time it consumed. Also parts of the Danube tour were uninspiring – sorry, that’s how it is.

I would have rather have spent the few hours (round journey, including return bus trip) visiting other aspects of the city.

However, if you are in need to take the weight off of your feet for a while, then this would be ideal.

Have You?

Visited Vienna? Did you take in an opera whilst in town? What was your highlight?

Inspired to visit Vienna?

Have we tempted you? Would it be the beautiful architecture, the great museums or the cakes. Yeah, we know, it's probably the fabulous cafes.

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Memories of Vienna, Austria

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