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A Norfolk countryside road trip, within a county road trip

We were having a spectacular time on our tour of Norfolk. Great Yarmouth had been great, we were spellbound with Norwich, and Cromer has beaten our expectations. Could this trip get any better?

Well simply put, yes!

When planning this trip we had seen the 'North Coast Road Trip' route on the Visit Norfolk site, so it was going to happen.

The route runs from Hunstanton to Cromer or vice-versa. As we were based in Cromer, we set off in a westerly direction, along the A149.

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Our Route

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Full steam ahead to Sheringham

Discover the historic North Norfolk Railway
The first stop came in no time, just under 5 miles after leaving Cromer, and you arrive at Sheringham. It's a wonderful town on the coast, home to the Sheringham' museum, but we're here to fulfil a need for a little nostalgia.
The platform sign for Sheringham Station on the North Norfolk Railway in the iconic white lettering on a mid-blue background.
Sheringham Station Sign
You see Sheringham is one end of the line of the North Norfolk Railway, a historic service that runs a variety of steam & diesel locomotives.
A steam train preparing to depart the Sheringham station at the North Norfolk Railway.
All aboard the North Norfolk Railway Line
A well-dressed guard is standing in the doorway of the guards' carriage as a steam train prepares to depart the Sheringham station on the North Norfolk Railway.
John the Guard on the North Norfolk Railway Line
The station is decked out in a period theme, and coupled with the smell of a coal-fired train can easily transport you to a bygone era.
A nostalgic black and white image of a stack of traditional suitcases under a signed for the next train at the Sheringham station of the North Norfolk Railway.
The platform of Sheringham Station
Inside a carriage of the steam train at the North Norfolk Railway.
On-board the North Norfolk Railway Line
Tempting though it is to take the train to Holt, we've got a date with the road - another time.
A 1960's British diesel locomotive next to a steam train at the North Norfolk Railway.
Diesel and Steam

If you get time

Why not take a trip on the train, we would have if we'd allowed ourselves enough time.

The Norfolk roads beckon

Tiny villages and Quaint flint cottages

So we continue our journey westwards, through Weybourne, Salthouse and Cley, passing the lighthouse on the way. It was slightly off-putting when you come across The Muckleburgh Military Collection, to see the armoured rocket launcher at the roadside.

Still, the rest of the scenery is in keeping with these lovely little villages. The flint cottages have stood the test of time, and on this glorious May day, the sun highlights the details.

Progress is leisurely; sure you can hustle along at 60mph/100kph between villages if you wanted to, but why would you? Enjoy the scenery.

If you're intrigued by Norfolk, a UK county with an interesting past, then why not check out  "The Little Book of Norfolk".  Full of facts and obscure information. It's a fun read on the region.

You can pick it up for your Kindle or in good old hardcover. (Depending on region)

The next stop is Wells-next-the-Sea

Crabbing the picturesque harbour

And we've rolled into Wells-next-the-Sea; yep, that's the correct spelling, checked & double checked.

There's a car park next to the quay, so we pop in and drop anchor. (Oh really, there's no need for naff nautical terms)

Tall sailing ships moored up on the quayside of Wells-next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk coastline
Moored up at Wells-next-the-Sea
This place is stunning, folks are tucking into ice creams, as the sun beats down on us. On another day, in cooler weather, and the fish 'n' chip shop would be pulling in the crowds.
Small boats on the sand at Wells-next-the-Sea at low-tide under a beautiful blue sky in Norfolk
The harbour is a collection of boats, from those for pleasure to those for work, scouring the waters for the crabs this area is famous for.

Tourist Information

If you're tempted by the beautiful English county of Norfolk and its incredible far reaching coastline take a look at the 'Visit Norfolk' official website.
A pair of historic Lifeboats moored up at Wells-next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk coastline
Lifeboats at Wells-next-the-Sea
There's also the hero's, the RNLI; these boats would have saved many a life over the years. However, the monument to eleven of the lifeboat 'Eliza Adams', who lost there lives in 1880, reminds us these waters can still be cruel.

Where we stayed

 We stayed at the Cliftonville Hotel, in Cromer. A charming hotel, with the feel of a bygone era, friendly staff and excellent access to Cromer.
Boats moored up at the curved quayside at Wells-next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk coastline
The Quay at Wells-next-the-Sea

As you stroll along the front you may notice folks sitting on the edge, buckets by their sides, trailing a line into the water - they're crabbing, that's trying to catch those prized crustaceans.

However, you won't be competing with the professionals.

Shellfish baskets stacked up on the quayside of Wells-next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk coastline
Crabs or Lobsters?

Have a go

If you want to try your hand at crabbing, you will find the 'kits' available to buy along the front.

Lunching at Wells-next-the-Sea

A seafood platter fit for a king (or queen)
And we have a bit of an appetite, so we seek out somewhere for a quick bite - the Wells Crab House catches our eye. Once inside & seated the seafood platter sounds tempting, so we order.
A seafood platter for two served on a wooden board at the Wells Crab House in Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk
A seafood platter
It was a mighty feast, a festival of fare from the sea. It seems fitting.

Plenty of Choice

We really enjoyed our lunch at the Wells Crab House. However, on the route there's something for everyone. From perfect pubs, to coffee shops, tea houses, fine restaurants, or why not have a picnic on one of the beaches along the route?

The glorious coastline of Hunstanton awaits

Norfolk just keeps on giving
We're back on the road again, and we're heading towards the Burnhams, that's Burnham Overy Staithe, Burnham Deepdale, and a minor detour to see Burnham Market ( we skipped Burnham Overy Town & Burnham Thorpe)
The shoreline at Hunstanton under a deep blue sky with lush green vegetation in the foreground
The shoreline at Hunstanton
In no time at all, we seem to arrive at Hunstanton and the end or start, of the route.

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Across the countryside to Holt

Now I have an idea, lets find the end of the "Poppy Line"
I could turn around and take the A149 easterly, and I do as far as Burnham Market, before detouring towards Fakenham. The plan is to pick-up the A148 towards Cromer, passing the charming sounding Little Snoring (No really, it's a place - Us Brit's are just so funny), before arriving at Holt.
A vintage shelter, in a green & cream paint scheme, at Holt station on the North Norfolk Railway line.
A shelter at Holt Station
Remember Holt? The other end of the North Norfolk Railway, and a chance to catch the other end of the line.
A blue steam locomotive, number 564, pulling into Holt station on the North Norfolk Railway line.
Coming into Holt Station
The steam locomotive, number 564, waiting at Holt station on the North Norfolk Railway line.
End of the line - Holt Station

Ahhh, More steam trains…

It's only 10 miles/17kms back to Cromer, and the promise of a Fish 'n' Chip supper.

A plate of Fish 'n' Chips at No1, Cromer, with a generous portion of battered cod atop golden chips, garnished with a lemon and a sprig of parsley
Fish 'n' Chips at No1 Cromer

Escape for a few days

Are you searching for a tranquil hideaway to unwind in, while you explore the picturesque Norfolk landscape?

After a day visiting the golden beaches or touring the charming, quaint villages return to one of the handpicked properties and unique retreats at Holiday Cottages.

Our north Norfolk road trip in Summary

We squeezed this trip into one day as part of a bigger road trip. You could easily take this at a more leisurely pace over a few days if you like. There's plenty to see & do along the route.

The totals for the entire day were 79.2miles/128kms, broken down as follows;

- Cromer to Sheringham 4.4miles/7.1km
- Sheringham to Wells-next-the-Sea 16.8miles/27km<
- Wells-next-the-Sea to Hunstanton 15.7miles/25.3km
- Hunstanton to Holt 34miles/54.7km
- Holt to Cromer 8.4miles/13.6km

Have You?

Travelled the North Norfolk Coastal Route? What's Your favourite destination along the route?

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We have created a little YouTube video of the highlights of our journey

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A little more of Norfolk

Our few days in Norfolk gave us some wonderful memories,  Why not check out our posts on the places we visited with tips & inspiration to get the most out of your visit?

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