Norwich, A collection of images from this amazing City

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An wonderful surprise

Okay, I'll be honest.  I didn't know what to expect when we booked Norwich as part of our Norfolk Road Trip.  Sure Tombland & Elm Hill looked quaint, and the castle looked a little odd - not like any other castle I'd seen to be honest but I knew nothing about this City.

We'd done some research and discovered the Norwich 12.  Twelve landmark buildings that take you through the ages of Norwich. However, when we arrived that summer's evening we were amazed by the mix of styles, and classic looks of this great city. The next day as we took in more of Norwich and we were not disappointed.  (You can read more in our post - The Heart of Norfolk: Norwich, England)

My love of architecture meant that I had to put together this gallery to capture some of the details of a newly discovered gem.

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The technical bits

All images were captured on my Canon 1Dx-MkII. The lens tends to be the EF24-70 f/2.8L, my old stalwart.

As always the images go straight into Abode Lightroom. All post production is initially performed in Adobe Lightroom on the original RAW images, with some then heading out to Photoshop if any further corrective action is required. Some images are tone mapped using Googles Nic collection of plugins for Photoshop.

As always, any questions about individual images or techniques used, just ask - here to help.

Have You?

Visited Norwich? Or do you call it your City? What's your favourite in this well-kept secret?

Inspired to visit Norwich?

Does the gallery tempt you? We loved our time in the city, and will return one day.

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A Gallery from Norwich, Norfolk, England
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  1. Pity that you didn’t venture a bit further up from your hotel. Then you’d have discovered Gothic House. You’ll have to Google it now…..

    1. It looks lovely, we strolled along the river, but didn’t quite get that far. There’s a lot to discover in Norwich.

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