Our Croatian Road Trip memories

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History, waterfalls, culture & wine, it has it all.

Croatia had been on our wandering wish list for a few years now, although we had to decide how to tackle it. Do we break it up into mini breaks, do we fly in, hire a car and hit the road? Or as we live in the UK & being slightly mad, do we jump in our own car, head south and tour Croatia under our own steam?

Well, you can guess which option we took, yep we fired up the Quattro.

Stopped by the roadside near Pag, Croatia

What Gary and I love about travel, are the great memories that it brings and the fact that they last a lifetime.

We’re always reminiscing about one trip or another, whether it’s a location we visited or food that we ate. Something jogs our memory, and we’re off again.

The waters around Croatia

Croatia was such an unforgettable adventure in so many ways; therefore, we wanted to share some of our highlights & experiences with you.


Plitvice – The incredible scenery and the opal water at Plitvice Lakes National Park are wonderful. This area appears to have its own microclimate, which can often mean you’re in for a shower or two. Although, to be perfectly honest it didn’t put a dampener on the day. The eerie mist sitting across the lakes just added to the atmosphere. You are spoilt with waterfall after waterfall, it’s no surprise that this is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The many pools, Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

{For the post on our day check out – Opal lakes of Plitvice}

Gary's note

Thinking of taking a full size tripod? - well don't. The paths are narrow, and can be busy at times. If you want to use a long exposure to capture those flowing waters you either need to practice your stance, and use a shutter speed of around 1/10 of a second. Or opt for a flexi-mini tripod which you can attach to a branch or post which will give you some extra stability.

Trogir – This little UNESCO city was a real pleasure to stay at. It’s just along the coastline from Split (and I actually preferred it to Split). It has bundles of history within its walls, lovely restaurants and an elegant Riva to stroll along in the evening.

Wonderful style, Trogir, Croatia

{For more from Trogir we have – The Historic Walled City of Trogir}

Dubrovnik – It does get a bit of bad press for crowds; however, it is a lovely city. The walk around the top of the surrounding walls is incredible, and the view across the crystal blue Adriatic Sea are truly worth it. Try and stay for the evening when it’s a bit quieter.

The Old City Walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia

{We have more from the city in ‘Exploring the streets of Dubrovnik‘}

Rovinj – Wow, another picturesque town and harbour. Lovely colourful houses surrounding the bay, intriguing little-cobbled lanes leading up to a baroque church. Then you’re spoilt with the stunning views across the ocean.

The quayside, Rovinj, Croatia

{For more on the town you can read ‘The Romance of Rovinj‘}

Our favourite travel reads

Plitvice Lakes

Arrive as early as possible, if you want to see the upper & lower lakes then head to entrance 2, catch the bus to St3. Then you’ll be descending most of the way, until the final climb back to St1.


Brodet – Is a dish I would certainly have again. It’s a seafood stew which is traditionally served with polenta and includes three different types of fish. It tasted so fresh and was even more pleasurable accompanied with a glass of a local crisp white wine.

Brodet, typical Croatian sea food, Croatia

{Brodet was just one of our ‘Croatian culinary delights‘ }

Driving – Well, actually Gary did all the driving, however, I did have slight reservations before we left, what the conditions would be like, in some places. All my doubts were banished as the roads we travelled on were pretty good.

By the roadside, Croatia

Day trip to Mostar – Ok, so it was a bit of hassle organising our Green Card to take our car into Bosnia & Herzegovina, but it certainly was worth it (and we got a stamp in our passports). Seeing the Mostar Bridge was amazing and the remaining scars of the war around the town. The landscape travelling there and back was very rural. Cows in the roads, deserted villages & derelict houses in the hillside, the differences to Croatia were quite distinct.

Groups in front of the Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

{For more there’s our post ‘Driving to Mostar‘}

Good to know

If you’re driving to Mostar either in your own car or a hire car, ensure that you have the correct documents. We required, passports, vehicle registration documents, driving licenses, insurance, GB sticker & Green Card.

Also, remember Bosnia & Herzegovina have the Convertible Mark as the local currency although some places do take the Euro.  You may need change for parking so it may be worth picking up something at a local petrol station.

Venetian touch – Prior to visiting Croatia I was aware of the role that the Venetian Empire played in its history. Although, I didn’t realise how much of the Venetian influence would still be remaining. Within quite a few of the towns we visited the tall iconic bell tower, similar to the one seen in St Mark’s Square, played a central role.

St Donatus, Zadar, Croatia

Diocletian Palace – This Roman slice of history in the heart of Split is astonishing, you just keep wandering around looking up. It’s is amazing that so many of the 4th-century buildings remain. A lovely touch is that it is free of charge to stroll around.

The Diocletian palace, Split, Croatia

{For more check out ‘Strolling through the centuries of Split‘}


Zadar – This was one of our favourite destinations of the trip. The historic town itself is wonderful; however, the joy of sitting on the water’s edge, staring out across the Dalmatian coast and listening to the Sea Organ was unforgettable.

By the Sea at dusk, Zadar, Croatia

{Why not read ‘Sights and Sounds of Zadar‘ for more}

Wine – Well, they’ve certainly been keeping their wine a secret. It doesn’t appear to have sneaked across the shores to the UK much. So, we brought some back ourselves.

Picking up wine at Putniković, Croatia

Friendliness of people – It may sound clichéd; however, we met some really great people, who went out of their way to help and accommodate us.

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What I would do differently

Explore the Islands – We only had time to travel across a couple of islands, so, definitely, need to discover more.

Arriving by Ferry, Croatia

Have You

Visited Croatia? Does our reminiscing bring back any memories for you? What was your favourite destination?

A slight disappointment

We didn’t have time to head to Krka National Park, well at least we have an excuse to return.

A point to note

In our experience with the accommodation we used, the majority of the apartment owners requested payment in cash.

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Inspired to visit Croatia?

Don’t just take our word for it, head over to this incredibly picturesque country & weave your way along the Dalmatian coastline. Enjoying everything Croatia has to offer.

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