Paris – a gallery

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So where do you start

With one of the iconic locations in the world? It's tough because there are sights you expect to see, want to see, and then there's the quirky side to any city, and Paris is no exception.

As always I set a self-imposed upper limit of 48 images, so I have worked my way through galleries from three separate visits in 2004, 2008 & 2009 to bring you my choice.

When working through these photos, I'm left thinking why have we not been back? So I need to think about a return to this amazing city.

The technical bits

The cameras used for this collection are my Canon EOS 10D - My first digital SLR, to the Canon EOS 1Ds MkIII. I captured these images in raw format as always.

I use Adobe Lightroom to catalogue the images, before being processed in Adobe Photoshop. Most of these pictures have then been passed through Google's Nik Collection of filters in Photoshop before landing back in Lightroom.

As always, any questions about individual images or techniques used, just ask - here to help.

Have You?

Enjoyed Paris - Once is not enough, right? What can't you miss, and what do you want to head back for?

Inspired to visit Paris?

There's so much to tempt you, it's a fabulous city to explore. When you're a little weary, find a cafe order a Vin Rouge, and watch the world roll by.

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A Parisien Cafe, Paris, France

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