Natural cider, and the correct portion size, Oviedo, Spain

Sidrerias (Cider houses), Oviedo, Spain

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Cider, but not as we know it…

The Asturias region in northern Spain has a unique love for cider.

It’s not just the flavour that is distinctive it’s the amazing way it is poured to aerate it.

The pouring of the cider, Oviedo, Spain


Sidra or Cider is the traditional drink of Asturias, the orchards in this region are bursting with apples. There is evidence that fermented apple cider was produced in this province by early Roman settlers, so ‘when in Rome’ as they say….yes you have to try it.
It really would be a shame not to experience it whilst in this region. The art of pouring the cider is theatre in itself.

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Boulevard of Cider

In Calle Gascona (Boulevard of cider) there are sidrerias after sidrerias, we chose La Finca.

Not knowing the etiquette or what to expect, we luckily sat outside and in hindsight that was a good idea.

As it appears that however experienced the escancio is, it could still be messy.

Calle, Gascona at night, Oviedo, Spain

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Focusing forward the bottle is raised over the pourers head and the glass is tilted at their waist.

The pourer does not look at either the bottle nor the glass but straight ahead and starts to pour.

The idea for this is to aerate the cider by creating bubbles, don’t be surprised if some is spilt.

Only a small amount is poured from the large bottle.

You are then handed the dry, partially still, cloudy cider which may also include sediment to enjoy, and enjoy we did.

Natural cider, and the correct portion size, Oviedo, Spain

Be warned, don’t touch the bottle as your pourer will be back to top you up.
And this whole experience was only €2.70 for a large bottle.

Cider barrel, Calle Gascona, Oviedo, Spain

Inspired to visit Oviedo?

Ohh it's so much more than just cider, the city is a joy to discover.

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Sidrerias (Cider houses), Oviedo, Spain

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