A view of the old town from our hotel balcony in the morning light with the church tower the focal point. The town is dwarfed by the mountains in the background.

Stylish Limone Sul Garda, Lake Garda, Italy

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Full of classic elegant Italian charm

I was taken aback at how enchanting Limone Sul Garda was. Although, knowing that it was nestled into the mountain foothills on the shores of Lake Garda, should have given it away.
Pastel hues as we look over Piazza Garibaldi & Lake Garda. A ferry is crossing the lake and to the left is a seating area for Ristorante Gemma.
Lake view from Piazza Garibaldi

We’d previously visited a few of Italy’s other northern lakes, Lake Como, Maggiore and Orta, which are also beautiful; however, this location was stunning.

Limone Sul Garda is on the western shore of the lake and not too far from Riva del Garda on the northern tip of Lake Garda.

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A helpful guide

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Go and discover

If you were just driving through the upper level of Limone, you’d be utterly oblivious to the narrow cobbled lanes and the ancient fishing village below. Stop, park up and discover the bittersweet citrus delight for yourself.
A view of the old town from our hotel balcony in the morning light with the church tower the focal point. The town is dwarfed by the mountains in the background.
The old town of Limone sul Garda
I almost don’t want to give the game away; nonetheless, I really want to tell you how beautiful Limone Sul Garda is. We’d wandered through the village taking in the rustic Italian charm, and as we turned a corner into Porto Vecchio I just stopped, and without realising said wow.
Seats in front of the tiny harbour of Porto Vecchio with several small boats moored up. To the right is the lake & mountains.
Porto Vecchio with the mountains in the background
The scene was breath-taking, it was like stepping into a virtual postcard. The soaring mountains in the background, the rippling opal lake below and the tiny fishing harbour, finished it perfectly.
A view back over Porto Vecchio, a small harbour, from the lake's edge.
Looking across Porto Vecchio
Little boats were bobbing up and down from the wind breezing over Lake Garda, leaving a soothing feeling and an air of relaxation. I felt a gelato beckoning me.

Silver screen

It can only be ‘Bond’, James Bond, if you’re a fan of 007, then you’ll recognise the twisting arched tunnels along the lake’s edge, where James was seen in the opening sequence of Quantum of Solace. 

All things lemony

The lemon theme flowed throughout the narrow-cobbled streets under the arches and over the sun-baked terraces.

I now understand why these pretty lakeside villages are popular with tourists.

The display outside a shop with baskets of Lemon soaps, bath bombs, lemon sweets & other lemon based products. On the shelves behind are jugs, olive oil poured, fridge magnets all decorated with lemons.
All things lemony
Ancient colourful houses stood shoulder to shoulder vying for your attention, with flowers tumbling down from the wrought-iron balconies.
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi
Porto Vecchio settling down for the evening
Strolling further through the lanes, passing by attractive boutiques, art stalls and jewellers and you reach another jetty. This is one of the locations around the bay that you can catch a ferry from to discover other towns and villages dotted around Lake Garda.
Looking across the lake from the north of the town with mountains on either side.Looking across the lake, from the north of the town, with mountains on either side.
The northern end of Limone Sul Garda

A little bit of knowledge

Did you know that Lake Garda is split over three different regions in Italy, Lombardy, Veneto & Trentino? Limone Sul Garda is in Lombardy.

Peaceful spots

Just a short walk up through the narrow streets, and we found some of the lanes were empty. It was surprisingly easy to find quieter spots, keeping in mind Limone has become a tourist resort.
A narrow cobbled lane Leading down towards the lake. If you look up, you can see the mountains in full view.
Quiet lanes
A narrow cobbled lane leading down through a pedestrian archway, with old stone buildings on either side.
Where is everybody?
One of the interesting historical features of Limone Sul Garda is the Lemon Houses. Of an evening the terraces just beyond the old town are lit up, it’s so unusual. I didn’t realise what they were, first of all, row after row of high stone pillars crisscrossed with huge wooden slats, layered over steep terraces.
The lights of Hotel Ristorante le Palme reflecting off the lake in the light of early dusk with the mountains in the background.
Limone Sul Garda of an evening

La Limonaia del Castel

It was time to dig a little deeper into the history of the Lemon-House, so we headed up to the renovated La Limonaia del Castel. 
A view north over the lake from the Lemon house with the mountains in the background.
A view from the Lemon House
You won’t get lost, as there are lovely little ceramic tiles laid into the cobbles to guide through the town, to the living museum.
A path in the Lemon House framed on the right with glassless window panes, and to the left are orange trees with fruit hanging down.
Along the terraces of the Lemon House
A view of the orange trees in the Lemon House full of fruit.
Not just lemons
It was only €2 (in 2019) to enter and so worth it. Terrace after terrace of citrus trees and not just lemons. There were grapefruits, limes, tangerines and kumquats. I’m amazed at how the branches supported the weight of some of the fruit, they were so large.
A row of lemon bushes to the left and a path to the right through the Lemon House.
Amongst the fruit
A rusty old wheelbarrow filled with coarse stone in front of a row of lemon trees in the Lemon House.
Discover the citrus history
The structures are so high, wooden poles are slotted across the main beams for the lemon branches to stretch out amongst. Their draping arms weave through protecting the fruit, as it dangles in the sunshine.
Looking over the rooftops of Limone sul Garda with the mountains in the background.
The lemons have one of the best views
This original lemon house was built during the 18th-century. In 1997 restoration work began to bring this piece of history back to life for everyone to enjoy and was opened to the public in 2004. Throughout the lemon house, you could still see the old stone irrigation system being used.

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Stay for the evening

Limone-Sul-Garda’s old town is a lovely size, we used it as a base to discover more of the lake, it was such a pleasure to head back to each evening. And after you’ve had a stroll by the lake’s edge, sit back, relax and enjoy sipping at your Limoncello spritz. There are not too many other dramatic views around the Lake Garda to beat this. 
Two glasses of Limoncello Sprits, with plain crisps, next to the edge of Lake Garda with the mountains as a backdrop.
Two glasses of Limoncello Spritz
What I also thought was lovely about Limone-Sul-Garda, was that there were so many lakeside benches for visitors and locals. You’d did have to buy a coffee, just sit amongst the palm trees and colourful flower beds and enjoy the view.
A view of Lake Garda at dusk with the town on the right, and the mountains on the left.
Lake Garda at dusk
You could sit and watch the lake continually changing colours until your heart was content. As the sun sets across the lake, the transition that the glistening water surface evolved through was beautiful, blue to opal, to peach, pink and silver grey.

Lakeside dining

We ate in the old town each evening and considering the location and that Limone Sul Garda is popular with visitors, I thought the prices were fairly reasonable. For around €8-10 you were able to enjoy a freshly made pasta dish or a pizza at about €8. 

Where we stayed

We stayed at Casa Albergo Sorriso for 3 nights and could so easily have stayed longer, the location is wonderful. We chose a room with a lake view, and it was stunning.

The hotel has free parking just outside, it is only around a five-minute stroll down into the heart of the old town, although, a few minutes longer back up.

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  1. Lake Garda has been on my radar for a visit, and your photos are inspiring. It looks like a peaceful place as well as beautiful. I’d love to sit on the shore and relax!

    1. It is beautiful particularly in the northern region where the mountains are. I imagine it could get quite busy during the summer months, although of an evening they do quieten down.

  2. I’ve visited Lake Maggiore before and had such a great time. It’s just a gorgeous place. I didn’t look into Lake Como though because I just assumed it would be way too expensive for little old me. It looks absolutely stunning though! #FarawayFiles

    1. This region of Italy is beautiful, we went to Lake Maggiore a few years ago.

      I must admit we thought the cost of food would be more expensive than it was, considering the location. We enjoyed fresh pasta dishes with a lake side view from around €8.

  3. Just stunning! I have been to many places in Italy but never to any of the lakes which I can’t even believe at this point! Your photos are beautiful and you make it all sound so magical. Thanks for linking up with #farawayfiles

    1. Thanks very much. It is a beautiful location, there some beautiful towns all around the lake. Just north of the lake is the small city of Trento at the foot of the Dolomites, that’s wonderful too, (great pasta).

    1. It was a lovely experience, I didn’t realise it was going to be so picturesque. Highly recommend the Limoncello Spritz.

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