The Raekoja plats - ‘Town Hall square’ to you and me.

Tallinn – Our Truths & Trivia

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Just a little fun...

So, this is our light-hearted view of Tallinn in Estonia.

It has some of the interesting stuff, a few trivial facts, and our thoughts on this picturesque Baltic city.

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Let’s start with the Truths about Tallinn

Tallinn is in the northern Harju County of Estonia, nestled on the shores of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea. Just the thought of the Baltic Sea makes me shiver.


The 3 C's







Estonia certainly has had a mixed heritage over the centuries, with various Kingdoms and Empires taking control, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Russia.

Tallinn was known by its historical German name of Reval from the 13th century until 1918 when it regained its independence.

Tallinn's Old Town is one of the most beautifully preserved medieval cities in Europe. Incredibly 1.9km of its defensive walls still remain, along with many of its ancient watchtowers.

With Tallinn located at such a strategic point in the Baltic Sea, it became a major trading hub. This then led to Tallinn playing an important role from the 14th to the 16th centuries and became part of the Hanseatic League.

The Historic Centre (Old Town) of Tallinn was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1997.

Tallinn was a European Capital of Culture for 2011.

Tallinn makes an ideal location for a mini-break. Centuries of history encircling you, the stunning architecture around every corner.

Tallinn is easily negotiated on foot, although to get the heart racing a bit head up to Toompea Castle and catch the wonderful view across the city rooftops.

National Flag


Regional Flag


It’s good to talk

What speaks?



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 Euro (EUR)

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Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

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So what’s this Trivia then?

Regarding Tallinn, a city of culture, bustling town squares and all with a little dash of romance.

Did you know?

  • The sun shines in Tallin for around 19 hours a day in the summer to around 6 hours in the winter.
  • Talking of sunshine, Tallinn has a sandy beach, just around the bay from the Old Town in the Pirita District, you can enjoy 2km of golden sands, with magnificent views across the Baltic Sea.
  • The Oldest café in Estonia is in Tallinn, named Maiasmokk. It was established in 1864 by the Baltic German confectioner Georg Stude. Though from 1806 a bakery was in the same location.
  • Tallinn passenger port is one of the busiest cruise destinations on the Baltic Sea. If you don’t like crowds, you may want to check out when the ships are in town.
  • Tallinn clearly takes its art very seriously; the city has a population of under half a million; yet, has 44 art museums.
  • The Marina at the coastal region of Pirita was built for the 1980 Moscow Olympics, to stage the sailing events.

It's famous for...

Food and Drink


Yes, I didn’t realise marzipan had a long history in Tallinn. Marzipan confectioners sprung up across the city, during the late 17th century it was used as a medicine.

Pig’s Ears

 I’m not too sure if this is a dish that Tallinn or even Estonia is famous for. However, we noticed ‘Crispy Pigs Ears’ on a bar menu, and thought ‘what’s the worst that can happen’? Well, they were pretty hard to chew, and no, I don’t think I’ll be ordering them again. But hey when in Rome, you have to give these things a try

Vana Tallinn

Vana Tallinn is a rum-based liqueur, blended with various spices. We just had to give it a go and had a shot added to a coffee. We brought a bottle home with us, it’s great with a little over vanilla ice-cream too.

Beer House

Our visits around the world wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t search out a local brewery. The Beer House just off the old city square, ticked many boxes for us.

See and Do

Toompea Hill

There’s plenty to see on Toompea Hill. Firstly the centrepiece Toompea Castle, then Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Lutheran, St. Mary's Cathedral.

Medieval Tallinn

You will spend hours and hours just strolling the captivating streets, hidden lanes and the remarkable city walls.

Kadriorg Park and Palace

This majestic, baroque palace was built for the Russian Czar Peter the Great in 1718-1725. Nearby are several museums, including KUMU, containing modern and contemporary art.

Raekoja Plats

In the heart of the Old Town is Raekoja Plats. There’s always something going on to entertain you in this charming city square.

Music & Culture


A new movie for 2020, directed by Christopher Nolan and produced by his wife, Emma Thomas. Tenet is a sci-fi action-thriller starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki plus many more.

Depeche Mode Bar

If anyone is going to find a bar dedicated to the 80s band Depeche Mode then it is going to be Gary. Who would have thought there would be one in Tallinn, well Gary sought it out.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Or PÖFF (Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival), as it is locally known. This annual film festival has been held in Tallinn since 1997. Various categories and genres are awarded across the 250 films that are reviewed.

The Estonian Song Festival

Is a choral festival and one of the largest in the world. It’s held every five years in July, and luckily the last event was in 2019. This historic festival was first performed in the summer of 1869 in the city of Tartu.

A helpful guide

If you've yet to discover the incredible history, Medieval wall and fascinating architecture in Tallinn, you're in for a treat. I found this DK Top 10 Pocket Travel Guide invaluable, they're extremely informative, easy to follow, and the pictures and maps tempt you into discovering more.

And our thoughts on Tallinn

(Would we return? Is it good value? And did we feel the love?)


or What are the chances of us revisiting?
(0% - You'll have to drag us over hot coals to go back 100% - Why am I not there now?)


Tallinn is a beautiful city, and I feel like we only scratched the surface. I’d love to discover more of the surrounding regions and art galleries.

Value for Money

Our value for money index. Don't forget we're Londoners, and that means our baseline is quite high.
(0% - How much? I wanted to buy a drink, not the bar 100% - How much? I'll take two.)


Like most cities, there are always the popular tourist spots, with beautiful surroundings you will understandably pay more. However, stroll a little further and search out where the locals eat and drink.

Getting around town

What's it like discovering the city?
Is it walkable? do you need to use public transport? did we leave with weary feet?


(0% - It's mountainous and public transport's a joke 100% - I'm in paradise.)


In the heart of the old city, it is very easily walkable, which is how we navigated Tallinn. Although there is a bit of a climb up to Toompea Castle and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Nonetheless, it’s worth it.
To visit the Pirita beach or Kadriorg Palace jump on public transport for a short ride.

Janis's Hi's & Lo's


I just loved strolling the medieval lanes and the incredible ancient city wall. They are an amazing sight to see.  It created some lasting memories


We visited Tallinn in the summer, so it was a shame to spend hours inside, so we didn’t visit any museums.

Gary's Hi's & Lo's


It has to be the stunning architecture. The historical centre seems to be caught in a time trap - and that's a good thing in my books.


It's probably got to be the pig's ears. It must be an acquired taste and texture.

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