The end of the Löffler palace, Timișoara, Romania

The Timisoara Gallery

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As fate would have it

An opportunity arose to visit a relative staying in Timișoara and we could not pass up an opportunity like that. All we had to do was book the flights because we had our accommodation.

So what did we know about Timișoara? There were 3 interesting facts so let me share them.

Timișoara was the centre for the street protests that led to the Romanian Revolution and the overthrow of Nicolae Ceaușescu the leader of the Communist party.

The next fact really surprised me. Timișoara’s is the first European town to have its streets illuminated by electric light, and the second in the world after New York. I bet you didn’t know that unless you too have visited Timișoara.

Finally, it is the birthplace to Hollywood’s original Tarzan – Johnny Weissmuller.

Apart from those facts it was a pretty blank canvas, so what did the city hold in store for us.

Well the architecture was amazing, and that leads me nicely onto the gallery.


Damm fonts - I know Timișoara is spelt with the accented "ș" - but will my header font allow it without going all squiffy. So sorry, but I do know - honest!

The technical bits

A Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III was used to capture the RAW images. The EF24-105mm L series lens was the weapon of choice as I was travelling light.

All of the shots we captured in camera raw and imported into Adobe’s Lightroom. HDRSoft’s Photomatix was used to tone-map the images to increase the impact. Adobe Photoshop was used for the final clean-up.

If a particular shot interests you or want to know more about my workflow just let me know.

Have You?

Visited Timișoara? It amazed us, and one day we'd like to return and see more of the city, and more of the country - One day 😎

Inspired to visit Timisoara?

Are you tempted to visit theis vibrant city?

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The Timisoara Gallery

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