Travel gift ideas for various ages

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Here a few prezzies, you may even want to buy for yourself

These great gift ideas are ideal for any time of the year. Some of these items Gary and I never travel without, and others are a little fun and quirky. To be perfectly honest, the books are just a lovely addition to have.

A silver small desktop globe with countries and borders highlighted in red. In the backgroud is the Royal Dalton Bulldog 'Jack' from the James Bond movie - Skyfall.

Our Desktop Globe

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However, if you’re struggling for that perfect gift for your beloved traveller, take a peek at what we’ve selected.
So often it’s just the simple things that can make the whole travel experience more relaxed and who doesn’t like feeling organised?

USB in Car Charger

Whether you are embarking on a road trip of a lifetime or just heading out to visit friends and family, this multi-socket USB cigarette lighter charger is a no brainer.

You no longer need to worry about charging up your devices whenever you reach your end destination, it’s all done on the go.

It also has to be the healthiest way to use a cigarette lighter!

Rick Stein’s Secret France

If like us you love to combine travel, with delicious cuisine and some intriguing history along the way. Then I’m sure you’ll love flicking through Rick Stein’s new book “Secret France”.
Watching the TV series on this beautiful country has really tempted me to return. We have travelled through France a great deal on our road trips, but this programme just highlights how much more there is to discover.
This book is already on my wish list.

Children’s Globe Jigsaw Puzzle

One for the budding young traveller that already has their sights on discovering our wonderful world. I had the 540-piece version of this 3D globe jigsaw puzzle last year, and I couldn’t stop returning back to it, to add more pieces.
What is great is that it actually spherical, it makes it slightly fiddlier to complete; however, if your kids like a jigsaw puzzle, they will love this.

Bellroy Classic Pouch

I received one of these stylish pouches for Christmas last year, and I love it. You can use it to store various loose items in, and it’s ideal for sticking in your hand luggage or in an overnight bag.
Personally, I think it’s perfect if you have a MacBook, you can store your mouse, power lead, cables and any chargers you may have comfortably inside.


Now, we may have mentioned this useful gadget before as it stops us from having to keep plugging and unplugging our USB charging items.

These days there seem to be so many gadgets requiring a USB port, so this multi-charger really saves time & arguments.

Back Roads Germany

Once again, this year, Gary and I headed off onto various road trips. It just so happened that Germany topped our list for 2019. We find that so often the best way to see any country is travelling along its country roads, through little towns and villages.
In DK’s Back Roads Germany, you’ll discover some incredibly scenic routes and magical castles that even Rapunzel would be proud of.

RFID Contactless Card Protector

Now, I agree perhaps not one of the most exciting gadgets or gifts to buy your loved one but believe me it’s useful.

This RFID contactless card protector just slips next to your credit or debit card and stops all those ne’re-do-wells from pinching your personal payment details.

Packing Cubes and Pouches

I’ve come to love these packing cubes; they are so handy for keeping items organised.

I thought I packed cases well prior to having these; however, I can find things so much easier. Who doesn’t love their smalls being nicely arranged?


Portable Phone Charger

Another of our favourite items to travel with is this stylish portable phone charger. It easily slips into my handbag and day or night I can just whip it out to boost our phones.
You just don’t realise how quickly your phone loses its energy. A few photos here and quick video there, and once you’ve caught up on social media, your battery is nearly dead.

RAVPower Solar panel USB Charger

Now you may be thinking is this really necessary. Well if you are camping, on safari or just anywhere remote this will undoubtedly come in useful.

You’ll be the one looking smug and be the envy of your other campers when you can check-in on your devices with your family back home.

It became our best friend at the 'Rhino Safari Camp'

BUBM cable & gadget pouch

I know more pouches; however, we have used these for quite a few years now and found while travelling, that they come in so handy.

Not just because of how organised you feel by using them, and all your cables are neat and tidy. Still, also their shape enables packing them in your luggage easy.

English Heritage subscription

The gift that keeps on giving, no it’s not an annual subscription for the Jell-O Club (fans of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, may remember that one).

It’s a yearly membership to visit some of England’s most incredible landmarks. We’ve visited a few castles this year, and it’s already paid for itself.

Here's more on our 'English Heritage' adventures

Travel Luggage Scales

Whether you have carry-on luggage or check-in luggage, this is a convenient, lightweight gadget to slip into your case. It will ensure that extra bottle of duty-free is not tipping you over the edge of your allowance.
It may also save those embarrassing moments in the middle of an airport when you have to rearrange your smalls from one case to another.

Trunki Ride-On Suitcase

Well, I wish these had been around when I was a kid, they look like so much fun.

They come in various different characters; however, I couldn’t resist the teeth on Trunkisaurus Rex.

Desktop Globe

For me no gift list for a traveller would be complete without a globe, it has become a bit of an obsession.

I have atlases, maps, globes and travel books everywhere, this desktop globe is the one that sit close by me.

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  1. Thank you for all the posts. I am on Amazon buying a jigsaw. I first came on your post when you highlighted Deal Kent. Was born and bought up there and all my family still live in Deal. I have lived all over including the USA.
    My husband and I love to travel.

    Marianne Jacques

    1. Author

      Thanks, Marianne for your kind comments.

      Deal is a beautiful part of Kent, I love strolling along the shoreline and all the colourful lanes it’s quite nostalgic. It’s great that your family still live there, hopefully, you get to return often. Well, prior to the current situation anyway. Where do you live now, are you back in the UK?

      Enjoy your jigsaw puzzle, I started a new one yesterday.

      Take care

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