Vienna – City of Culture, the gallery.

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The beautiful city of Vienna

A long weekend is not enough to discover the extent of this beautiful city.  Ideally a week is required, and a set of comfy shoes.

It has so much to discover, from the neo-classical architecture, to the wine growing villages on the outskirts.

In addition, you have the splendid grand cafes with their outstanding selection of cakes & patisseries. And who can pass up a hot dog from a Würstelstand?  I know I can't.

Also, try some Austrian wine if you are a wine lover.  I think it is Austria's best kept secret, since it rarely makes it to the UK.  It's true, you can track it down, or bring back a bottle from your trip, but why not take the weight off your feet and enjoy a glass or two and watch the world go by?

For Janis's inspiration behind picking Vienna as a destination for her birthday break then check-out her Inspiration post Janis's.  She also created a post of her lasting Memories too. Just please don't mention the Goulash 😩

The technical bits

The camera used was a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II.  The lens chosen was EF24-105mm L series due to its suitability for mini-break.

All of the shots we captured in camera raw and imported into Adobe's Lightroom.  HDRSoft's Photomatix & Adobe Photoshop were used for the post-processing of the images.

Finally, if a particular shot interest you or want to know more about my workflow just let me know.  I am more than happy to share.

Have You?

Visited Vienna? What was your highlight of your trip?

Inspired to visit Vienna?

So what 'tickles-ya-fancy?', what would you like to see in this classic city?

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