Calimocho, or Kalimotxo – A taste of Spain

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A Spanish summer in a glass

This drink immediately conjures memories of our Spanish road trips, when the car's safely parked up.

Kalimotxo or Calimocho - red wine & coke - As enjoyed in Bilboa

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We discovered it whilst researching our 2016 trip, and set about ticking that box early on.

We actually ticked it in Bilbao, where it's commonly known as Kalimotxo in Basque.

Jeff Koons 'Flower dog' in front of the Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain

Jeff Koons 'Flower dog' in front of the Guggenheim, Bilbao

It tastes better than you'd think

So the thought of red wine and coke didn't sound that appealing on paper, but in the glass it tasted surprisingly better than expected. So if I aimed to replicate, would it take me back to that trip?

Janis enjoying her Calimocho

Janis enjoying her Calimocho

So what's the recipe?

Kalimotxo or Calimocho - The basic ingredients

Kalimotxo or Calimocho - The basic ingredients

Well it's not that complicated, but I've created three different options based on your location.

Bottle of coke 330ml
Glass of Spanish red wine 125ml
Large glass (500-600ml)

Kalimotxo for two

Kalimotxo for two

So does it work?

Yep, it took us straight back to Bilbao. Granted I needed to buy LSA Internationals GIO Tumblers (the large ones) to complete the look, but I guess you can use any large beer glass.

Cheers to Kalimotxo or is it Calimocho?

Cheers to Kalimotxo or is it Calimocho?

The drink is refreshing, slightly sweet and great in the sunshine - give it a try, and if your in Spain, you've no excuse.

Inspired to try Calimocho/Kalimotxo?

Why not give it a go? let us know how you get on.


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Have You?

A drink, or a dish, which can invoke a memory to transport you back to a favourite holiday?

This little tipple really does take us back to Bilbao, and fond memories of that trip.

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