Inspired to see the City of London, the ‘Square Mile’, as a tourist?

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Here’s why I wanted to experience the ‘City’ as a ‘tourist’…

St Pauls and the telephone booth, City of London, London, England, UK

This is an odd one for me to write about, as for the last 27 years, Monday to Friday, I work in this not only financially rich city, but historically rich city. I’m located near to St Paul’s cathedral.

Every day you take for granted the centuries of history that greet you, when you are herded off the early morning commuter trains. The view of Tower Bridge as we pull into Cannon Street station flanked by the Tower of London is wonderful, if you only took a few minutes to appreciate it. Equalled in the opposite direction, the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren’s most iconic creation.

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And there’s the Great Fire of London.

A vast amount of the medieval City of London was razed to the ground in the Great Fire of London in 1666, which started at a bakers in Pudding Lane, as documented by Samuel Pepys.

Pudding Lane, City of London, London, England, UK

But the stunning architecture that has since been erected from the Great Fire’s ashes, makes you proud to work in this city.

Lane after lane there are little hidden gems of history and numerous blue plaques, explaining what previously occupied this site or its prior inhabitants.

One interesting fact about this historical ‘square mile’, is that you will not come across a single ‘Road’, everything is named, Lane, Street, Hill, Court, Yard, Alley, Passage to name just a few and more unusual monikers like ‘Poultry and Princes’ or ‘Puddle Dock’.

Passages, City of London, London, England, UK

If you are mainly interested in the architecture of the city, it is best to visit at a weekend when the streets are fairly deserted.

The entrance of Goldsmiths' Hall, City of London, UK

However,  if you are fascinated by the hustle and bustle of daily life in this financial oasis, then you should visit during a weekday.

Beware of the black cabs, the red buses, cycling couriers and the blinkered city worker, all of which are longing for the weekend to arrive.

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These are just a few reasons why…

… the City of London really is a destination to indulge your history seeking desires and not a just a place full of bankers

– Architecture; old and new, this is the tip of the iceberg;
The Old
St Paul’s Cathedral
Tower of London
Tower Bridge
Royal Exchange
Bank of England
Soooo many churches
The Guildhall
Tower Hill naval memorial
The Monument
The New
Heron Tower
Walkie Talkie
Lloyds building
Tower 42
Shard (not strictly in the city, but you get a good view from there)

The monument to the Great fire of London, 1666.

– The Markets;
Leadenhall Market (historically sold meat, game & poultry)
Old Billingsgate Fish Market
Smithfield meat Market
Spitalfield Market (just on the outskirts of the city)
Petticoat Lane Market (fashion and clothing, also just on the outskirts of the city)
Borough food Market (just a short hop south of London Bridge)

The centre of Leadenhall Market, London at Christmas, UK

– Food & drink: anything goes really from the pretentious wine bar to the spit and sawdust pubs.

The quiet lanes, City of London, London, England, UK

– Not so well known: to get an unhindered view of St Paul’s Cathedral dome, I highly recommend taking the lift to the 6th Floor of One New Change.

A wonderful view of St Paul's Cathedral, and a westerly view over London from One New Change, London, UK

This new shopping centre opened in the heart of the city in 2010, and has a stunning roof top viewing terrace (and guess what it is free of charge!!!).

– The City featured in the movies (to name but a few);
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Mission: Impossible
The Da Vinci Code
Hereafter (2010
Closer (2004)

Outside 10 Trinity Square, London, England

– Commonly known streets;
Fleet Street (historical home of the broadsheets and tabloids)
Hatton Garden (gold and diamonds)
Old Bailey (The Central Criminal Court)
Threadneedle Street (Bank of England resides here)

Temple Bar - The western entrance to the City in the Strand, City of London, London, England, UK

– Close vicinity to the City of London and worth a visit;
The South Bank and river walk
Globe Theatre
St Catherine’s Dock
Tate Modern
Gabriel’s Wharf

The Globe theatre, London, UK

– Points to note;
Transport: public transport is probably the best way to arrive at the city, although not always the cheapest. Ensure you travel at less popular times of the day, not just for cost purposes, but also you don’t want to be fighting a commuter for that last seat on the train, as believe me I know who will win.

– Weather: it’s the UK, what do you think you are going to get???

Go visit, you won’t be disappointed

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Inspired to visit the City of London?

This is the historic centre of London. The London founded by the Romans in AD43 as Londinium. This is the beating heart of its financial district. We love it - will you?

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