A couple of glasses of chestnut coloured Olorosso sherry in our bar in the Barrio Santa Cruz area of Seville,

Memories of Seville, Spain

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Relaxed dining, Seville, Andalusia, Spain

Who would refuse a relaxing break in the Spring sunshine?

As I mentioned in my inspiration to see Seville, we sneaked a last minute break to this southern Spanish city in November 2015.

We didn’t need the car this time, so we stayed in the heart of the old town. Where the streets and lanes are so narrow that they entice you around every corner.
You can easily just stroll a few streets away from the main plazas and you will find some wonderful tapas bars serving to locals and tourists alike.


For me it has to be the Plaza de Espana, not because it is free of charge, it is just an amazing mixture of architecture.

The magical Plaza de Espana, Seville, Spain

The Moorish and Art Deco styles that blend into the whole Plaza are intriguing. What I particularly like are the tiled Provincial Alcoves that encompass the square and allow visitors to sit and relax and chat about memories of their home provinces.

The lovely little boating river that flows under the ornate bridges, is another element of this plaza that lures me back.

Real Alcazar and the Seville Cathedral are in the heart of the old town and are amazing pieces of architecture in their own right.

A wonderful Moorish archway withing the Real Alcazar, Seville, Spain
One view of the Cathedral in Seville, Spain.

Plenty of time needs to be given to ensure this stunning palace and cathedral are given the justice they deserve.

We always try to go out of our way to visit the local food markets in any country we go to.

So we headed across the Canal de Alfonso XIII, to the Mercado de Triana, this market was bustling with locals and traders alike.

Plaza de Toros; the bullring. As an amphitheatre to one of Spain’s passions, it is an impressive sight.

Not visited on this mini-break, but explored as part of our 2014 Spanish road trip.


Strolling around the old town and getting lost amongst the lanes

  • The wonderful varieties of tapas, there are so many to choose from. We particularly enjoy the Iberico ham and regional cheeses. But equally Gary has a penchant for the Morcilla (blood sausage to you and me, bit of an acquired taste) and also Albondigas (meatballs)

Our hotel for this break was El Rey Moro, which is in a fantastic location and the staff really made you feel welcome, without being too imposing.

  • We personally don’t like the weather to be too hot when visiting a city, so the temperature of the early 20’s in mid-November was ideal for us.


I have become Sherry lover, the varieties which are to be indulged upon in southern Spain are not your typical sweet syrup, that you often get around Christmas time in the UK.

They range from the bone dry Fino to the rich sweet Pedro Ximenez are a pleasure to be experienced.

Casa Placido tapas bar’, when we arrived in Seville’s old town the sun was just beginning to set, but we headed out immediately to make the most of our time.  We stumbled upon a little tapas bar that caught our eye, slightly rustic but that was part of the appeal. We popped in a few times during our stay and was from then on known as ‘our tapas bar’.

What I would do differently

  • Nothing really, other than continuing to discovery new treasures.

A funny moment

  • Well funny for Gary anyway…., I really didn’t appreciate before I went to Seville the abundance of orange trees. Street after street the trees are dripping with these wonderful gems

There is a hazard warning though, don’t stand under them for too long. I’m still reminded by Gary of when I was hit by an orange…….he continues to find it amusing.

A slight disappointment

  • Flamenco; I only mention this as a slight disappointment as we didn’t get the opportunity to see an intimate show, but perhaps next time.

Point of Note

  • It is probably a good idea to try and get your bearings when you arrive because as the sun starts setting, the narrow streets really can be a maze.

I loved Seville and I can’t wait to rekindle the friendship again.

Inspired to visit Seville?

It is one of our favourite European cities, with so much to offer you. You'll love exploring during the day, and then being fed & watered of an evening. For us, it's a magical place, especially the Plaza d'España.

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  1. I have read this in 2021. Glad you enjoyed the city. Yes, the temperatures are really high and takes away your energies in June-July-August, so spring, autumn are the best time for visiting. I suggest you for next time to visit the Pilato’s house and some of the local palaces that now are opened with music events. The monastery of Cartuja, actually Contemporary art museum deserve a visit too. And near the Cathedral theri is an interesting place for lunch called Taberna Coloniales where you can try a great variety of local dishes.

    …and the orange tree, yesterday an orange fell near my head, so is an usual ‘danger’ 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks very much for your wonderful suggestions, I’ll definitely make a note of them, as we’d love to return again someday, Seville is a beautiful city. Also thanks for the Taberna recommendation, we love to try local dishes wherever we go.
      Watch out for those oranges, ha, ha, ha.

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