A bunch of working Costa Ricians (Ticos) waving too us.

Costa Rica Road Trip (Part 4) Tortuguero…..how humid?

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The next morning, we were picked up at 5:45am for our 3-day trip to Tortuguero. As the final hop to Tortuguero is only accessible by boat, the travel company that helped us organise the tour (www.latitudesadventure.com), suggested that we do this part of the Sloths & Mojitos road trip as a package. That way all the transfers, food and accommodation was included.

We head off in the coach and admire all the small towns and villages we pass through along the way. The closer we get to Caño Blanco (where we pick the boat up) the more rural the scenery becomes, we travel through banana plantations and what appears to be farmers backyards.

The next step of the road trip – by boat

A small raised hut on the water edge on the journey to Tortuguero, Costa Rica

We picked up the boat to transport us to the hotel, instantly you were immersed into another world.

With the verdant flora all through the Tortuguero National Park you knew this experience was going to be special.

A bunch of working Costa Ricians (Ticos) waving too us, Costa Rica

In the main Costa Rica is a wonderfully friendly place.

We arrived to a warm welcome at our hotel, The Laguna Lodge, which is situated on a narrow strip of land between the Caribbean Sea and the main lagoon.

It is only a short stroll from one side to the other (650 feet), on this occasion the Caribbean was a bit choppy, but it didn’t stop me from going in for a paddle, WOW it was cold….

Janis dipping her toes in the Caribbean Ocean at Tortuguero, Costa Rica

The Laguna Lodge is an Eco-touristic lodge; the rooms are wooden, fairly basic but are comfortable. But what we didn’t expect was the humidity, so any items of clothing that required drying would take an eternity.

The amazing thing about Tortuguero is that it can only be explored by boat, so we tour through the peaceful canals and Gary is once again armed with his camera.

The resplendent green iguana, keep watch at the edge of one one the many canals in Tortuguero, Costa Rica

We weren’t disappointed we saw reptiles, monkeys, sloths, amphibians including the Poison Dart Frog and an abundance of tropical birds (the photos speak for themselves).

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Tortuguero town

Later we took a guided tour to Tortuguero town itself, once again this is only accessible by boat and the mode of transport in the town is either on foot or by push bike.

The town is mainly made up of single storey buildings and huts.

These are extremely colourful and the streets are narrow and full of welcoming people, trying to make a living.

A small sign declaring 'Hand Made in Tortuguero'.  I guess it's a gift shop, Costa Rica

After a stroll around the town, beach and park we head back to the lodge for a relaxing evening, in the beautiful gardens. The restaurant is located in an open building with wonderful views of the lagoon.

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The next morning

We take the opportunity to head back into more of the narrow canals.

The lagoon of Tortuguero is fed by hundreds of little channels that are available to navigate, Costa Rica

You could spend days navigating the waterways and see it from a different perspective each time.

I have never been to the Amazon Rainforest but this evokes images of what it would be like. (Another one to add to the ‘To Do’ list)

A family on a boat in the Lagoon in Tortuguero, Costa Rica

One of the ways that people make a living is by fishing. We saw a family moored in a little boat protecting themselves from the sun with a parasol.

We don’t know if they caught anything but it appeared they had been there a while.

On this outing we were lucky enough to see even more wildlife including a crocodile, more sloths, Iguanas and a family of bats lined up a tree asleep, ready for the night’s adventures ahead.

Long-nosed proboscis bats clinging to a tree in Tortuguero, Costa Rica

After a meandering cruise out of the canals the speed is ramped up for our journey back to the lodge, we spent the afternoon strolling alongside the Caribbean Sea, trying not to believe we were heading back to the UK in 2 days.

The launches used by Laguna Lodge to take the tourists out on there trips., Tortuguero, Costa Rica

And it comes to and end…

We have had a fantastically memorable Sloths & Mojitos road trip, visiting Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, Arenal and Tortuguero

We complete the same journey to Tortuguero but in reverse and arrive back at San Jose late afternoon. The last hotel of our holiday was Hotel Grano de Oro. We have another couple of sneaky mojitos, which was a lovely way to end.

Have You?

Visited Costa Rica? or are you planning too? It's a wonderfully diverse country with so much to offer - go on, you know you deserve it.

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Inspired to visit Costa Rica?

Why wouldn’t you? It’s a great way to see many ecological wonders of the world.

You can now fly direct from London to San Jose with British Airways, and combine it into a road trip.  Pick up your own hire car at SIXT and experience Central America for yourself.


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