A day at Fort Worth Stockyards, Texas

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‘Where the West Begins’

We’d reached the end of our 2-week road trip around Texas & New Mexico, and before flying back home to the UK from Dallas, we thought we would stay at Fort Worth Stockyards & wind down for a day.

Entering the town, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

I’m not too sure what we thought Stockyards was going to be like, but it felt like we had stepped onto a movie set.

There were Stetsons and cowboy boots everywhere & not just for sale….these guys were dressed to impress.

Old Fella, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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We checked into the Stockyards Hotel, perhaps it was the English accents, but they outlawed us to the ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ suite. Apparently, the infamous couple had actually occupied the room back in 1933.

But there was no denying it, the last day of our trip was going to be fun.

The Stockyards Hotel, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Our Tip

Try & make it on a Friday or Saturday evening, you wouldn’t want to miss the rodeo.

The Long Horn Drive

Leading the herd, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Fort Worth Stockyards isn’t a huge town. However, the twice daily cattle drive at 11:30 am, and 4 pm through the centre of town, along Exchange Avenue, draws in the visitors.

Horns to be proud of, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

It’s certainly not every day (unless of course, you live in Stockyards) that you would get to see a herd of Texas Long Horns, passing by. Although the steers are well rehearsed in their route, it’s still fun seeing them saunter past & their horns are massive.

Rollin' on through, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

All part of the show are the traditionally dressed drovers flanking the cattle along the road, but everyone is here to enjoy themselves even the trusty steeds themselves.

Smile for the camera, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Retail therapy

Show over, we went to discover the town further, the Stockyards Station now combines a little bit of old and new, as the once thriving railroad station still has the tracks running through it, but is now bustling with boutiques and eateries.

Mavericks after dark, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

But this wasn’t where I was heading to, I’d spotted Mavericks, a local store for my western apparel, and cowgirl boots were calling.

My Boots, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

What we didn’t expect while trying to choose my perfect boot, was the two complimentary beers to help with the decision process – never had that happen before.

If you wanted handmade boots or a new saddle then M.L. Leddys is your store of choice, established in 1922.

Leddy, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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We missed a trick

Perhaps we should have asked for our Mustang to have horns, we never thought of that…..

A truck with attitude, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Buffalo Butt

Booger Reds, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

There are quite a few watering holes in Stockyards, but we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to go to Booger Reds Saloon, sit on the obligatory leather saddles which now double as bar stools.

Buffalo Butt Beer, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

You also get to see a buffalo butt sticking out of a wall, oh and Buffalo Butt is a local brewery, so Gary needed no other coaxing into giving it a try.

‘Cowtown Coliseum’

Getting some air at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo, Fort Worth, Texas

If during the day, the entertainment is a little unusual then hopefully you’ll be around on a Friday or Saturday evening, and it just gets better.

Bring the beast under control at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo, Fort Worth, Texas

Believe me; you must try and visit the Stockyards Championship Rodeo, it’s great fun

Have You?

Enjoyed the Fort Worth Stockyards experience?  Did you squeeze in a rodeo?  What tips do you have for getting the most out of Fort Worth Stockyards?

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