The ruins of Jumièges Abbey, Normandy, France

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The monks are long gone

This wonderful 7th-century abbey sits a short distance from where the River Seine meanders through the Normandy countryside.

From the outside, Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France

We approached Jumièges Abbey from the south, and a little unexpectedly had the pleasure of jumping on a ferry to cross the Seine. It only took a few minutes and was free.

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What makes Jumièges Abbey such a pleasure to visit, is that it is preserved as a ruin and this makes it feel all the more mysterious.

With birds fluttering above you, soaring through crumbling windows where stained glass would have once been.

Torn apart, Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France

Jumièges Abbey, although now ruins, was once a thriving monastery through the 7th & 8th centuries.

It was the Viking invasion that put pay to its original look and burnt it to the ground.

The huge scale of Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France
Time has taken its toll, Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France

Our Tip

Arrive later in the day when there are fewer visitors.

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Striking Façade

Then in the 11th-century, the vast abbey was built with the amazing Romanesque façade, that can still be seen today.

The two imposing towers stand 46 metres high and the nave beyond 25 metres high.

The striking facade, Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France
The striking detail of Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France

It feels quite atmospheric when you walk through the towers to the nave; you can see from the structure that there would have been three levels, with arcades around the bottom.

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Late Afternoon

We arrived later in the day and almost had the abbey to ourselves.

You are free to wander around and explore, or if you wish, there are chairs dotted around the ruins where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings.

Still standing, Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France

As we stroll amongst the ancient history laid around, remnants of arches and windows can be seen, along with fear inducing gargoyles.

In the ruins, Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France
Displaced Gargoyle, Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France

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Then there was one

Heading further through the vestiges you can imagine the scale that this church once commanded.

The choir at the rear was then encircled by seven chapels, a preserved part of a Gothic-style chapel is the only one remaining.

The remaining chapel, Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France

Can you see it!

As additional elements were added over time, there is evidence of Romanesque, Gothic & Renaissance styles.

Hidden within a pillar in the Gothic transept is an ochre bird from the 11th century.

The Romanesque ochre bird, Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France
Chess in the grounds, Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France

There is no rush here, take in the surrounding park and why not challenge your family to a game of chess.

Something to make your travels easier?

Our Tip

Catch the ferry if you can, it adds to the fun.

Would you like a little more?

We have created a little YouTube video of our time at the Abbey.

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Have You

Have you visited the ruins of Jumièges Abbey? Or would you consider adding it to you intinerary for you next trip?

Something for the Traveller

Inspired to visit Jumièges Abbey?

It is just 18miles/29kms for Rouen – but if you approach from the south or west you can take the free ferry – it’s a couple of minutes of fun as you cross the Seine.

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The ruins of Jumieges Abbey, Normandy, France

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