The ‘Giants’ of Campo de Criptana, Spain

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Don Quixote met his match

These wonderfully preserved 16th-century iconic windmills stand proud across the Sierra de Molinos with an unwavering view of Campo de Criptana below.

The Giants, Campo de Criptana, Spain

We could see the 10 towering giants for miles when we approached, but it’s such a fantastic sight when you are up close and walking amongst their whitewashed walls.

“On guard,”

There were only a few visitors around when we were there and with the windmills in such proximity of each other, it’s easy to conjure up visions in your mind of Cervantes’s Don Quixote, jostling with the outstretched arms of the windmills.

Don Quixote, Campo de Criptana, Spain

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Take a peek

Each of the ten windmills is individually named, and one is now home to the local Tourist Office.

Poyatos, Campo de Criptana, Spain
El Infante, Campo de Criptana, Spain

For a couple of euros each, you can take a look around one of the preserved molinos to gain a greater understanding of the mechanics behind these ‘Giants’, and how the roofs would have been rotated for the prevailing winds.

Facing the wind, Campo de Criptana, Spain

Records show that in the 19th-century there were 34 windmills in this area.

Turning the mill, Campo de Criptana, Spain
The Mills, Campo de Criptana, Spain

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La Mancha

This style of a windmill is so synonymous amongst the plains of La Mancha; it is fantastic to see them dotted around the landscape.

Nine Mills in sight, Campo de Criptana, Spain

When touring around I love the fact that there are these iconic sights or structures that you immediately know where you are in the world, we had arrived at Castile-La Mancha.

Route of Don Quixote, Campo de Criptana, Spain

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Visited Campo de Criptana? or have you visited the mills at Consuegra? And who else has read Don Quixote? Gary has - amusing, if a challenging read.

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Set in the heart of Castile-La Mancha, there are plenty of ways to see the mills.

Our choice would be to include Toledo as part of a road trip, and pick up Campo de Criptana as a lunchtime stopover.

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