Seven of the windmills overlooking Consuegra, La Mancha, Spain

The Guardians of Consuegra, Spain

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The historic windmills

The 12 windmills with their outstretched arms stand regimented as if patrolling the small town of Consuegra.

You can almost imagine Cervantes’s Sancho Panza laden down struggling up the hill with Don Quixote beside him.

The Castle & five windmills, Consuegra, La Mancha, Spain

These rustic sentinels have stood along the Cerro Calderico ridge, since the 16th century and appear to protect the medieval Castle of Consuegra.

The Mills

Originally there were 13 molinos (windmills), each with a different name and were handed down from father to son. They usually consisted of two rooms and the grain had to be carried in sacks to the top floor for the milling.

A pair of windmills, Consuegra, La Mancha, Spain

These windmills stopped being used in the early 1980’s and today 12 have been restored and renamed. The names were all taken from Cervantes’s novel.

Located around 63km (40 miles) south of Toledo, you can easily reach these wonderful structures through the small roads of Consuegra.

A solitary windmill overlooking Consuegra, La Mancha, Spain

The views

At the top you can experience some wonderful panoramic views across the plains.

Seven of the windmills overlooking Consuegra, La Mancha, Spain

Annually, at the end of October, the village of Consuegra celebrates the Festival of the Saffron Rose.

A pair of windmills overlooking Consuegra, La Mancha, Spain
A pair of windmills pearched high-up the hill in Consuegra, La Mancha, Spain

Some of the worlds finest Saffron is grown in this region and about 250,000 crocus flowers are needed to produce one kilo of saffron, which takes around 400 hours of manual work (no wonder it is so expensive).

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For a real taste of their history read Cervantes – Don Quixote – An amusing tale.

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The Windmills of La Mancha, Consuegra, Spain

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