Memories of our Texas & New Mexico Road Trip

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Was it all steers and Stetsons?

Yeehaa, all saddled up in our Ford Mustang we headed off on a two-week road trip adventure around Texas & New Mexico.

The Mustang in White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, USA

This trip may have been a few years ago now, however, the memories are still so fresh in our minds.

Gary and I often find ourselves chatting about our previous trips, recalling particularly moments that stand out for us.

Our Texas and New Mexico road trip was no exception. We have narrowed down our high points to share them with you, and hopefully, they tempt you into creating your own adventure, which you can then share with us.


Big Bend National Park – whenever we embark on an American road trip we always search out the surrounding National Parks & Monuments. In western Texas, we visited Big Bend National Park, with the Rio Grande running along its border to Mexico.

A messa shaped over time, Big Bend NP, Texas, America, USA

We picked up one of the parks maps and headed for the scenic drives.
some of the roads are paved, and some are dirt tracks, but all surrounded by stunning landscape and incredible views.

The Rio Grande gorge, Big Bend NP, Texas, USA

White Sands National Monument – Almagordo in New Mexico. This National Monument is incredible, although the name gives it away and the landscape is sand, it actually looks like snow. Families even bring along their sledges and slide down the gypsum sand dunes.

So white

{Why not check out our post on the White Sands National Monument?}

Did you know?

National Parks Service - If you are visiting several National Parks, it is often cheaper to purchase an annual pass, rather than pay at each individual park. The annual pass is currently $80 and allows entrance to the pass holder plus three additional adults.

Our favourite travel reads

Stockyards, Fort Worth – Perhaps you could be forgiven for feeling like you have stepped into a wild west film set, but Stockyards in Fort Worth is a bit surreal (but in a good way). If you are visiting here, then you need to immerse yourself into all things cowboy. Watch out for the cattle run through the town; those horns look like they could be painful.

Horns to be proud of, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

{There’s more in our post – ‘A day at Fort Worth Stockyards, Texas‘}

Leading the herd, Stockyards. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Fredericksburg – This was something I didn’t expect to find, a little bit of Germany in the heart of central Texas.

Not only does it have German bäckerei and Biergarten, but it also had a traditional rotating wooden Christmas pyramid.

Fredericksburg, Texas, America, USA

Dallas Grassy Knoll – A little piece of history, no trip to Dallas would be complete without a thoughtful stroll around Dealey Plaza and Elm Street. As you probably know it’s where JFK was assassinated in November 1963.

Elm Street, Dallas, Texas, USA

Terlingua Ghost Town – near Big Bend NP is Terlingua Ghost Town a once bustling mining town in the mid-1880’s, however, over time the population has dwindled. Now only a handful of people remain along with rusting remnants of the past.

An abandoned car in the Terlingua Ghost Town, Texas, USA

San Antonio – We stayed here for a couple of nights at the beginning of our trip. Full of history, particularly at the mission which was the site of the “Battle of the Alamo” in 1836.

The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas, America, USA

The Alamo mission is one of five missions along the San Antonio basin which were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015.

Santa Fe – Our stay in Santa Fe was a little too short. However, we made the most of our time and enjoyed strolling around the charming downtown streets amongst its ochre buildings.

The New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico, America, USA

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Why not?

Start creating your own North American adventure and discover the colourful towns & cities in Texas and New Mexico yourself, British Airways & Virgin Atlantic are just a couple of options.


Route 66 – As this is a road trip we wanted to search out parts of Route 66 that time had now forgotten. It’s sad to see the remnants of the passing of time, but equally so intriguing to imagine how this busy route would once have been.

Whiting Brothers on Route 66, New Mexico, America, USA

F1 Circuit of the Americas – Wherever we are in the world Gary seems to find a motor racing circuit, whether it’s in a state of disrepair, a small local track or in this case, still being built.

Under construction - The Circuit of the Americas in 2011 - Texas

However, the opportunity didn’t pass us by, and we witnessed its development in its early stages.

We also took the opportunity to have lunch at ‘Wild Bubba’s Wild Game Grill’, not too sure if they had a vegetarian option!!!!

Wild Bubba's, Texas, America, USA

Marathon & cemetery – Marathon was our base while we visited Big Bend NP. A very quiet town with not too many folks. It felt like you were intruding by wandering around, but equally fascinating to see the difference in people lives, with the railroad tracks cutting through the middle.

Marathon, Texas, America, USA

A chance natter with a local, who was watching our curiosity, pointed us the direction of the local cemetery to see its contrasting religious celebrations of the dead. Little did he know about my fascination with cemeteries.

A vibrant memorial of life, Marathon, Texas, USA

Muffler Man – we couldn’t pass by this chap without stopping.

Muffler Man, Amarillo, Texas, America, USA


Cadillac Ranch – We have photographic evidence that we were there, after a quick pit stop at Home Depot (my dad would have been proud). We’re armed with our spray cans and head to The Cadillac Ranch. We add our own piece of graffiti to the nose-dived caddies, which probably didn’t last an hour before others added their mark.

The Ranch, Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

{There’s a bit more in our post – ‘The Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas‘}

Rodeo – I thought this was going to be very staged, and yes, I know it is to some degree. However, there’s no way I’d want to be thrown around like those guys. Even if I had a clown to help me out.

Bring a beast under control at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo, Fort Worth, Texas

{For more on the Rodeo check out – ‘Stockyards Championship Rodeo, Fort Worth, Texas‘}

Cowboy boots – Who would say no to a pair of cowboy boots? I certainly couldn’t.

And to help make your decision smoother, Mavericks even offer you a complimentary beer while deciding.

My Texan Cowboy boots

Mosquero – We came across this little village in New Mexico while heading on to Amarillo, we just couldn’t help ourselves and had to stop. A local project was underway to ‘Paint the Town’ and not just your usual masonry paint, this village of barely 100 people went that extra mile.

Mosquero, New Mexico, America, USA

What I would do differently?

We only managed to fleetingly visit Austin due to lack of time, so I would love to return one day.

A funny moment

Now we’re going back a few years here, and this road trip took us to Amarillo, Texas.

It seemed only appropriate to blow into town, with the roof down blasting out Tony Christies’s ‘(Is This The Way To) Amarillo. Juvenile, but we enjoyed ourselves.

A slight disappointment

Not having yet returned to enjoy a Formula 1 experience in the USA.

Points to note

  • Don’t forget your Visa/ESTA and your biometric passport.
  • If you are driving in the evening around Big Bend NP watch out for the beady eyes of the local wildlife, they may decide to dart across the road.
  • Stockyards Rodeo is only on a Friday & Saturday evening.

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Inspired to visit Texas & New Mexico?

Take to the highways and build your own Texas & New Mexico road trip.

There is so much to discover in this region and why not throw in an F1 Grand Prix in Austin.

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Memories of our Texas & New Mexico Road Trip

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  1. I lived near Dallas for a couple years and we made a big road trip through Amarillo, Santa Fe and north through Colorado, Utah and on to Oregon. I have also never been to Austin, but did enjoy San Antonio. Cadillac Ranch is a classic, as is Route 66, even if kitsch in parts. Did you enjoy any good barbecue while in Texas? Ooooh. Conjuring some goood memories now! Thanks for sharing the southwest fun with #FarawayFiles. Erin

    1. That sounds like a fantastic trip.Just talking about our trip now and memories come flooding back. Like you say, some of it is a bit kitsch, however, that’s often the fun of it and it has to be done.We did enjoy some BBQ, but I’d love to experience a BBQ cook off.

  2. Looked like you had a great roadtrip! And Santa Fe looks really cool! #farawayfiles

    1. Yes it was fantastic trip, just wish it was longer than two weeks. We didn’t get enough time to explore Santa Fe too deeply.

  3. Fascinating reading this, Janis. A lot of it looks so otherworldly and so different from what I’ve seen of the US. I’d love to explore much of this area with my notebook and camera in hand. Santa Fe is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Thanks so much for sharing on #FarawayFiles

    1. Thanks, it was a fantastic trip. An interesting mixture of a bit cheesy and bit off the beaten track.We’d like to have spent longer at Santa Fe, however, it’s always good to leave something for another trip.

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