The Roman Ruins of Conímbriga, Portugal

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Following in the footsteps of history 

Gary and I had read that the ancient Roman settlement of Conímbriga, was one of the largest excavated in Portugal. However, I really didn’t imagine how large it was going to be.

Roman settlement of Conímbriga, Portugal

Roman settlement of Conímbriga

We were heading onto Porto via a scenic drive after visiting the Roman ruins. So, I said to Gary, oh we won’t be there long perhaps 45 minutes an hour tops.

Well, 90 minutes later we were heading out and actually could have stayed longer.

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A reference guide

Our recent new found love is Portugal, it is such a beautiful country. While planning our trip, I used the DK Eyewitness books. I find them extremely informative, easy to follow and the pictures and maps tempt you into discovering more.

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At your own pace

The size of the area that the ruins covered was amazing, well I suppose it was a settlement after all.

What I found so impressive was, other than a few key protected areas you were allowed stroll in and around the ancient remains.  

The ruins of  Conímbriga, Portugal

The ruins of Conímbriga

The Romans arrived in this area around 139 BC, although it was during the reign of Emperor Augustus, that the grander structures were built.

You can see from the palatial interior gardens within Repuxos House, that the Conímbriga settlement was quite significant in its day.

Interior water gardens, Conímbriga, Portugal

Interior water gardens

There were some incredible mosaics inlaid on the floor, considering what would have been available at the time, the patterns and colours were fantastic.

Mosaic around the water garden, Conímbriga, Portugal

Mosaic around the water garden

Detailed mosaic, Conímbriga, Portugal

Detailed mosaic

Why not?

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Ancient Ruins

We wander around further in the glorious spring sunshine, passing by an ancient underground network of tunnels and lanes. It’s hard to believe how old these structures are.  

Underground network, Conímbriga, Portugal

The underground network of Conímbriga

There is very little remaining of the Roman forum, but the scale of the area conjures up opulent grandeur. Some pillars have been reconstructed to portray its enormity.  

The Forum, Conímbriga, Portugal

The Forum, Conímbriga

Tempted to?

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Prosperous city

Remains of thermal baths are dotted around the city, and with the thousands of Romans that would have lived here in its heyday, they would have been busy.

Thermal Baths, Conímbriga, Portugal

The Thermal Baths

Along with the huge forum and the thermal baths in Conímbriga, there is no doubt that this was once a thriving city. With an aqueduct built to feed the settlement and also an amphitheatre to keep the locals entertained. 

The aqueduct, Conímbriga, Portugal

The aqueduct

When we visited Conímbriga in 2018, the entrance fee was €4.50, which I think was fantastic value when you appreciate the centuries of history, you’re rubbing shoulders with.

Have You?

Visited Portugal and discovered any towns, cities or historical sites that you really want to share with us, as we can’t wait to start planning our next road trip?

Inspired to visit Conímbriga?

Wander in the footsteps of Romans and discover Conímbriga ancient ruins

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The Roman Ruins of Conímbriga, Portugal

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