Greenwich Market, London, England

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A trip down memory lane 

Greenwich, ahhh my home town, “you can take the girl out of Greenwich, but you can’t take Greenwich out of the girl”. 

Ok, I’m not going to reveal how many years ago I was born in Greenwich; however, it’s a town I’ve returned to visit so many times, and one that I have such a strong affinity to.

Take the weight off your feet, Greenwich Market, London, England

Take the weight off your feet

My grandparents lived and worked there, my Dad’s childhood & young adulthood was around these South-east London streets, and my parents even got married here. 

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How to get there

The quickest option from London is with South-Eastern Trains from London Charing Cross or London Bridge stations. Alternatively, Greenwich is served by buses and the Docklands Light Railway. Catch all the routes into Greenwich here and find your most convenient itinerary.

Something for everyone

Although there is so much to see and do in Greenwich, it’s the markets that I love returning to. Established back in 1737 (no I’m not that old), who can resist those quirky knick-knacks, original artworks, abstract creations and handmade clothing & accessories, not me.

The hidden chest, Greenwich Market, London, England, UK

The hidden chest


Unusual collectables

There’s something going on every day of the week, whether your penchant is for antiques or for homemade street food it’s all here. One of Gary’s interests is motor racing, so we’ve left with some great black & white photos in the past.

Greenwich Market Est. 1737, Greenwich, London, England, UK

Greenwich Market Est. 1737

What is handy about Greenwich’s main market is that it is covered, so, come rain or shine you can go mooching around for those unique gifts at your leisure.

Have a rummage,  Greenwich Market, London, England, UK

Have a rummage!

A brooch for every occasion, Greenwich Market, London, England, UK

A brooch for every occasion

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Did you know?

That Maritime Greenwich is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was inscribed in 1997.

Another family link

Bizarrely, it’s not only my family that have ties with Greenwich, but Gary’s sister also ran a market stall here around 10 years ago. So, we had another excuse to go and visit, it really has evolved of the years.

Take a look around, Greenwich Market, London, England, UK

Take a look around

Beyond the arch, Greenwich Market, London, England, UK

Beyond the arch

I must admit I enjoy visiting Greenwich market at the weekends when the Arts & Crafts market is in full swing, and the streets are bustling.

Although you don’t have to restrict it to the weekends, the Arts & Crafts market is on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the weekends and the Antiques and Collectables is on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

Flamenco dancers & pigs? That’s an unusual combination,, Greenwich Market, London, England, UK

Flamenco dancers & pigs? That’s an unusual combination

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Take it all in

It’s not all about the market stalls though. There are some great shops and boutiques around the edge of the marketplace and along the lanes, that bring even more life into the square.

One of the shops I had to be dragged away from was ‘Arty Globe’, I’m a sucker for anything map related, check out “All things Mappy”.

Arty Globe Shop, Greenwich Market, Greenwich, London, England, UK

The Arty Globe Shop

Mr Humbug - Tradtional Sweetshot, Greenwich Market, Greenwich, London, England, UK

Mr Humbug - Tradtional Sweetshop

Take a wander around and discover everything Greenwich has to offer, you won’t be disappointed, there is so much history in this town.

Turpin Lane, Greenwich Market, Greenwich, London, England, UK

Turpin Lane

The Coach & Horses,Greenwich Market, Greenwich, London, England, UK

The Coach & Horses Pub

Our Tip

Make sure you also visit the Royal Naval College, filming is often taking place, and you can do a bit of celebrity spotting. We saw Charles Dance.

Why not take a cruise?

Staying in central London? Why not take a river cruise from Westminster to Greenwich? You've the choice of one-way or return cruise along with an audio commentary as you pass the Tower of London, City hall & much more.

It’s that time of day!

Ohh and then you have the decision of what to do for lunch? 

Street Food Art, Greenwich Market, Greenwich, London, England, UK

Street Food Art, Greenwich Market

There are so many options here, is it going to be street food on the go? The food stalls here all look delicious and with so many options from around the globe.

Southern food twist, Greenwich Market, Greenwich, London, England, UK

Southern food twist, Greenwich Market

Or is it going to be a visit to Goddards and sample the London delicacy of pie, mash and liquor? Surely it has to be pie & mash, all washed down with a cup of “Rosie Lee”. 

Traditionally the pie is minced beef, accompanied with a couple of scoops of mashed potato and a good ladle of liquor, which is a parsley sauce. Some people substitute this for gravy, but it has to be liquor with lashings of vinegar – mmmm I’m now feeling hungry. Go on give it a go!!!

Goddards of Greenwich Est. 1890, Greenwich, London, England, UK

Goddards of Greenwich Est. 1890

We’ll be back again soon I’m sure of it, goodbye for now Greenwich. 

Have You?

Visited Greenwich and discovered all its history and did you try the Pie & Mash?

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Inspired to visit Greenwich Market?

Rummage around and find that little something special and why not stay for the night and soak up the maritime history?

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A visit to Greenwich Market, Greenwich, London, England, UK

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  1. I was born in Greenwich and lived in the market in 1946 we had a flat almost next to the coach and horses I have fond memories of always being able to play in the market in all weathers with my brother rolling marbles along the dips in the cobbled road, also having the freedom of running to play by the curry sark there was no traffic those days.

    1. Author

      Hi Averill,

      Such wonderful memories, I can just imagine kids playing marbles there.

      My dad’s family lived in Greenwich for years (I did some research on my family tree). My dad was born in 1943 and my nan was evacuated temporarily to Oxford from Greenwich.

      My nan, used to live in a flat on the corner of Old Woolwich Road and Eastney Street. I have lovely memories of visiting her there. She used to be a cleaner in the Royal Naval College and my grandad was a lightermen. My dad then followed in his footsteps.

      My parents married at St Alfege church.

      I was born in Greenwich, although mum and dad then moved to Sidcup a few months later; however, we would visit my nan regularly until she passed away in 1978.

      I still love visiting, the memories will last forever.

      Do you still live in Greenwich and what was your family surname, I’ll ask my dad if he remembers your family?

      You are more than welcome to share more of your stories here, I enjoy reading them.

      My nan’s names was Alice Tubbs née Hills, my dad was Peter Tubbs.

      Take care,
      Janis Tubbs

  2. Hi Janis. Lovely to hear from you no I don’t live in Greenwich now we moved to St. Paul’s cray around 1950-1951. I was born in St Alfege hospital, my dad worked for the general steam navigation. Our name was Barnett when we lived in the market.I now live in Swanley . Xx

    1. Author

      Hi Averill,

      Well, what a small world we live in.

      My nan on my mum’s side, once lived in a flat along Chipperfield Road in St. Paul’s Cray, she moved there from Peckham in the 70s until early 80s.

      I was born in Greenwich Hospital in 1969, I believe it used to be St Alfege’s hospital and changed its name in 1968, I understand that it was then knocked down in 1972.

      I mentioned you to my dad and he said he never really played around the market area. Although he does remember the General Steam Navigation.

      It’s great to reminisce, take care.


  3. Hi Janis
    Lovely to hear from you, yes it’s a small world, I have just sold my late brothers house in chipperfied road they lived there 50 years it’s the end nearer to st Mary cray station.I spent my teenage years with my parents living in Blythe hill it’s along mickleham road.I went to walsingham school.I did my mum’s shopping at cotmandene.when I was very young I went to a day nursery in Greenwich I think it was McMillan nursery I hated it, then I can also remember going to St. Peter’s school don’t know how old I was.I think it St. Peter’s and st alfeges Nan and grandad lived in a flat I think it was depford was called Ballard house it’s still there.I had an aunt who lived in nelson buildings she had a mums maiden name was Harding.yes I agree it’s nice to share memories.I now live in Hextable.
    Averill. X

    1. Author

      Hi Averill,

      You certainly have some wonderful memories. I must admit I don’t really know Foots Cray very well, I used to visit my nan there up to the age of about 10. We then moved to the Isle of Wight.

      My nan moved to the Isle of Wight with us and got a GLC flat as part of an exchange I believe. I then moved back to Kent in 1989 and parents returned to Kent in 2006 and now live near Herne Bay.

      It is funny how people’s lives overlap; I love family history and over the last few years I have been tracing my family tree. It appears that my family on my dad’s side have lived in Greenwich for many decades. I haven’t found any skeletons yet; however, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

      Take care

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