The bustling marktplatz, the centre of the Old Town of Heppenheim. Around the edges of the square tables and chairs under parasols for the local cafes and bars. In the background is the town Hall another half-timbered building with a tiled clocktower.

A few hours in Heppenheim, Germany

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Exploring the winding lanes of the old town

Heppenheim was the last destination on our Lakes and Lederhosen 2019 road trip before we headed back to the UK.

The bustling marktplatz, the centre of the Old Town of Heppenheim.  Around the edges of the square tables and chairs under parasols for the local cafes and bars. In the background is the town Hall another half-timbered building with a tiled clocktower.

Marktplatz in Heppenheim

I must admit prior to arriving in Heppenheim, I had some qualms of what to expect. Not that I was unduly worried, it’s just that we had visited some incredible Bavarian towns. And I wondered whether Heppenheim in the Hesse region of Germany was going to give them a run for their money.

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A tactile brass 3D map of the Old Town of Heppenheim with the cathedral dominating the town

Touchy-feely map of Heppenheim

Well, those doubts were soon diminished as we stepped into Heppenheim’s Marktplatz and it felt like we had gatecrashed a movie set. It was beautiful.

They grow wine too

Heppenheim in southern Hesse is also known for its wine. Rows of manicured vineyards standing side by side across the hillside terraces is always a pleasant sight to see.

The roofline in front of the hills that provide a backdrop to Heppenheim.

Lush hillsides of Heppenheim

The variety of wine that is mainly harvested in this region is Riesling.

Due to the favourable soil conditions and its ideal climate, the dry Riesling is of high quality. I can imagine very sought after.

A view along a path that drops down before the eye is led up to a hillside with vineyards and a fortified Castle atop.

Vineyards nestled in the foothills of Starkenburg, a fortified castle

A reference guide

I love nothing more than planning a trip and so often I use the DK Eyewitness books.  I find them  extremely informative, easy to follow and the pictures and maps tempt you into discovering more.

We used a previous version of this book to plan our Germany road trips, now you can grab the revised copy.

Heppenheim Altstadt

The old town in Heppenheim is incredibly pretty, you would completely miss it if you didn’t stop and take the short meander up the hill to the charming square.

The arch separating the Old Town from the new town of Heppenheim.

Through the arch to the Altstadt

A cobbled lane weaving its way past lovingly kept half-timbered homes with their painted shutters.

Winding streets of Heppenhein

A cobbled lane leading past half-timbered houses towards the centre of the Old Town of Heppenheim.

Lanes leading to Marktplatz

All through the tiny lanes of Heppenheim are colourful dwellings so immaculately kept.

Little boutiques, cafes and ice cream parlours were tempting you in.

Even though Heppenheim Altstadt attracts visitors, it still feels like it is in the hands of its residents.

Interesting fact

Well, if you’re a Formula 1 fan, then you may be curious, and that is Sebastian Vettel was born in Heppenheim.

Heppenheim Marktplatz

Heppenheim Marktplatz is breath-taking, with its lovely central Marienbrunnen (fountain), where locals gather for a chat. Surrounded on all side by historical half-timbered buildings.
The view of market platz with its stone fountain taking centre stage against the backdrop of half-timbered buildings

Heppenheim Marktplatz

It’s so pleasing to see the care and pride that is taken here in Heppenheim. The Rathaus (town hall) plays a central role; however, there are so many other beautiful buildings here too.

The stone fountain In the centre of market platz in front of Heppenheim's half-timbered town hall.

Heppenheim Rathaus

A roofline view of the gable ends of the building surrounding market platz.  Here you can see a wrought iron sign featuring Golden Angel of a local hotel.

The Goldener Engel hotel in Marktplatz

Hit the road

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Heppenheim to Frankfurt is only around 38 miles (60km).

Colourful lanes of Heppenheim

Although you won’t want to leave the Marktplatz, the intriguing little lanes that lead off of it are so inviting. Quaint rose line lanes with even more half-timbered homes for you to admire.

Another attractive half-timbered building at the edge of a lane leading away from the church.

Peaceful lanes

A bench with numerous potted plants the base of a half-timbered home

Half-timbered homes in Heppenheim

2 cyclist riding up a cobbled pathway towards market platz in the centre of the Old Town of Heppenheim

Cycling into Marktplatz

A bench with numerous potted plants the base of a half-timbered home

Empty streets around Altstadt

The colourful streets were so peaceful, you almost felt like you had them to yourself, and you were on your own voyage of discovery.

Discover more of Germany

If you’d like to discover more of Germany, take a peek at some of our other posts. Just a short hop into Bavaria we’ve visited Regensburg, Augsburg and Dinkelsbühl and at Christmas time, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Nuremberg and Munich

Take me to church

Strolling a little further up through Heppenheim and you’ll arrive at St. Peter’s church. Standing pride of place at the top of the town.

Looking up at the front of the Cathedral of Bergstraße with its yellow brickwork and deep red stonework.

St Peter’s church Heppenheim

A portrait, wide angle view of a statue of Christ on the cross in front of the twin towers of the Cathedral of Bergstraße in Heppenheim.

“Cathedral of the Bergstraße” in Heppenheim

St Peter’s church is also known as the "Cathedral of the Bergstraße". The church was built in neo-gothic style was erected between 1900 and 1904.

Why not?

Start creating your own German adventure and discover the quaint vineyard town of Heppenheim for yourself.

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Heppenheim's Streetlamps

While wandering around Heppenheim keep a lookout for the quirky streetlamps. Dotted all through the old town, these lamps have some interesting if not quite strange depictions on them.

A close-up of a street Lantern attached to half-timbered building. The lantern depicts scene from local folklore.

Unusual streetlamps through Heppenheim

Another close-up, this time of a free-standing street lamp depicting yet another image from local traditions.

Every lamp tells a story

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