A view over the Danube to the Dom St Peter

A Visit to Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany

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A Medieval Bavarian treat

After our couple of days in Augsburg we then head east onto the city of Regensburg. En-route we made a poignant visit to Dachau Concentration Camp.  Dachau played a significant role in world history, and it was somewhere Gary, and I had wanted to visit.
A view over the Danube to the Dom St Peter

The Regensburg skyline

It was then onwards to Regensburg, Bavaria’s fourth-largest city and a location that perhaps isn’t so high on a visitor’s radars.

Well, we’re going to find out.

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A reference guide

I love nothing more than planning a trip and so often I use the DK Eyewitness books.  I find them  extremely informative, easy to follow and the pictures and maps tempt you into discovering more.

We used a previous version of this book to plan our Germany road trips, now you can grab the revised copy.

What to see in Regensburg?

Regensburg is nestled along the banks of the River Danube, and if there’s a river to be seen, then this is more often than not our first port of call. I love being near the water.
Looking towards the Regensburg Cathedral from the base of the old bridge.

Regensburg Cathedral from the River Danube

To get the magnificent backdrop of the Cathedral then head north over the old Stone Bridge, towards Stadtamhof.

The 12th-century bridge spans the river with 16 arches, however, due to years of damage and wear and tear it’s now closed to traffic.

Did you know?

In Regensburg, three rivers meet, and they are the Danube the Regen and the Naab.
Looking along the Danube to the old stone bridge of Regensburg

Old Stone Bridge over the river Danube

Significant restoration is ongoing to ensure it remains an icon of Regensburg. 

Why not?

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Once over the bridge don’t miss the opportunity to visit Stadtamhof, the colourful island in the middle of the Danube. This is a wonderful place to stroll around and has a real feel of mixing with the locals.

A view of the colourful shops and houses that line Stadtamhof.


Even though Stadtamhof is a stone throw from the historic city centre on the other side of the bridge, it was only incorporated into Regensburg city in 1924.


Along with Regensburg Old Town, Stadtamhof has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006.
A picture-postcard view across the Danube to St Mang Church in Stadtamhof.

St Mang Church in Stadtamhof

Only in Germany

Strolling back across the bridge towards Regensburg old town, keep an eye out on your left for the Historische Wurstküche (Sausage Kitchen). It’s next to the attractive Salzstadel, the old salt warehouse.
People are sitting at benches in front of the Historic Sausage Kitchen.
Historische Wurstküche -Sausage Kitchen
Full of locals and tourists alike the Historische Wurstküche dates from 17th century and has been serving sausages since 1806. It’s a fun place to head to, and you’ll see smoke puffing from the chimney before you even get there.

Old Town

Within the cobbled lanes of the Old Town, there are so many historical buildings. Painted in pastel colours and immaculately maintained. Keep looking up as the detail in some of the architecture is incredible.

Take a stroll passing little boutiques, quaint curio sellers, you may even pick up a little souvenir.

A narrow cobbled street view in the old town of Regensburg lined with shops.

The Pretty lanes of Regensburg

An old stone well in front of a historic building.

Wiedfangbrunnen – Water well

The eye-catching Goliath House was built around 1260. You won’t be able to miss it, as it has a magnificent painting on the front dating from 1573, of the fight between David and Goliath. It is part of the largest mansion in the city of Regensburg.
A mural of David & Goliath, over 3 storeys high, on the side of a sand-coloured building.
Goliath House


No German town would be complete without a Rathaus, and Regensburg’s is very striking. Head to Rathausplatz, and here you’ll be surrounded by plenty of historical buildings.
Stone steps leading to a medieval wooden doorway into the old town hall.
Old Town Hall
The old town hall clock-tower and Ratskeller next door.
Town Hall Tower & Ratskeller

Sections of the Old Town Hall date from 12th century, also here is the Town Hall Tower and the Gothic Imperial Chamber building. Within the Imperial Chamber, the Perpetual Imperial Assembly met from 1663 to 1806.

Impeccable timing

Unfortunately, when we visited Regensburg in 2019, the Old Town was undergoing a lot of restoration work. This meant that quite a few historic buildings were under scaffolding.

Take me to church

There are some truly lovely churches in Regensburg, you must take a peek inside some of them as they are stunning. My Favourite was Saint Emmeram’s Abbey, also known as Schloss Thurn und Taxis.

It is absolutely breath-taking inside; the opulence has been taken to another level.

The view along the nave of Saint Emmeram’s Abbey in a Rococo style with ornate detailing of the walls & ceiling.
Inside Saint Emmeram’s Abbey
A close up of the detail inside Saint Emmeram’s Abbey focusing on an angel lavishly wrapped in a gold tunic with golden wings.
Lavish features Inside the Abbey

The principal church in Regensburg and proudly dominating the skyline is the attractive twin spire St Peter’s Cathedral. Regensburg Dom is the only Gothic Cathedral in Bavaria and is also home to the world’s largest hanging organ.

Christ on a crucifix inside St. Peter’s Cathedral
Inside St. Peter’s Cathedral
Inside Regensburg Cathedral looking at pipes of the free handing church organ.
World’s largest hanging organ

It has to be a road trip

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A few more of Regensburg’s squares

Or to give them their correct name ‘Platz’. Of course, you could track them down through following a map, but surely part of the fun is just turning a corner, and the colourful squares open up around you.


In the old medieval square of Haidplatz, some beautiful buildings are surrounding the Justice Fountain. The Altstadthotel the ‘Arch’, the Golden Cross, the Thon-Dittmer-Palais and the New Waag are just a few.
Looking across the open square of Haidplatz with a fountain in the centre, and colourful building s on either side.
Haidplatz looking west
It’s a lovely square to take the weight off of your feet, grab a coffee and sit and watch the world go by.
The Justitiabrunnen fountain in Haidplatz in the centre of the old town.

Haidplatz looking east


Within Neupfarrplatz, which was once the old Jewish quarter of the city, you immediately come face to face with Neupfarrkirche ‘New Parish Church’. This a Protestant-Lutheran church and is the centrepiece of this attractive market square.
A large church with a clock tower and a few market stalls in front.
New Parish Church within Neupfarrplatz


I really enjoyed passing the time of day in Bismarkplatz, particularly as there was a delicious ice-cream shop just here. Ohh, and of course the beautiful neo-classical buildings at either end of the square.
A fountain in a square in front of a neoclassical building that is now home to a music school.
Haus der Musik in Bismarkplatz
To the south of the square is the music school ‘Haus der Musik’, which was once a Presidential Palace for the French ambassadors to the Perpetual Imperial Assembly.
A view over tables and chairs of a cafe in Bismarkplatz to the fountain and theatre beyond
Regensburg Theatre in Bismarkplatz
Then to the north of Bismarkplatz is the 19th century Regensburg Theatre, which is the city’s oldest theatre. We found that this square had a lovely relaxed local vibe about it. 

To the Towers

There are so many delightful towers dotted around Regensburg, it gives the skyline such a unique view.

There were once three towers across the Old Stone Bridge, now only the south one remains. The south tower was built around 1300 and has undergone several restorations since, and is still extremely striking.

A group of people passing under the arch of the south tower of the Old Stone Bridge

South Tower on Old Stone Bridge

The exposed stonework of Porta Praetoria, an ancient roman gateway now worked into a more modern building.

Porta Praetoria

The ancient Porta Praetoria is an incredibly old gateway dating from 179 AD. It is one of Germany’s oldest stone buildings and once the entrance gate in the northern wall of a Roman camp.

Local Brew

It would be rude not to! So, now it’s time to pull up a stool and enjoy a local beer at the Regensburger Weissbräuhaus, all served with a smile.
The view of the bar inside the Regensburger Weissbräuhaus, Regensburg, dominated by polished copper pumps and a friendly, smiling, barman.

Inside the Regensburger Weissbräuhaus

Would you like a little more?

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  1. We love Bavaria. We would love to go back when things get better. Beautiful pictures of Regensburg. I loved the stone bridge and also a pub called Hemingway in the city. Great post.

    1. Author

      Thanks very much for your kind comments. Yes, we love Bavaria too, travelling all along the Romantic Road is incredible such beautiful towns and villages.
      Regensburg was so colourful, beautiful architecture.

      Is there anywhere in Bavaria that you particularly enjoyed?

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